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Roman Province of Judaea, King Herod the Great (40-4 BC) Bronze Prutah (Presentation Portfolio with COA)

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Roman Province of Judaea, King Herod the Great (40-4 BC) Bronze Prutah (Presentation Portfolio with COA)

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Why purchase this Bronze Prutah of King Herod?

The Kingdom of Judea was a Roman client state, under the reign of Herod the Great (Herod I) from 37-4 BC. Herod was responsible for a great many building projects throughout Judea, most notably the expansion of the Second Temple in Jerusalem, known as Herod's Temple, and the construction of the port at Caesarea Maritima. Herod's personal palace was located in the large port city, which he named in honor of his patron, Caesar Augustus.

Symbolic imagery

Continuing a Jewish tradition, coinage struck for Herod refrained from illustrating a graven image (object of worship). The obverse depicts an anchor, which commemorates the founding of the port of Caesarea, accompanied by the inscription "HPW BACIA," meaning "of King Herod."

A caduceus is featured at the center of the reverse, surrounded by two curving Judean double horns of plenty, more commonly known as cornucopia. The image is similar to earlier Hasmonean Dynasty designs, with the addition of the caduceus, a pagan symbol representing prosperity.

Authentic Money of King Herod

This Roman Empire Bronze Prutah has been reviewed and authenticated by the American Numismatic Association (ANA) as a coin issued by King Herod, BC 37-4. The coin is beautifully presented in a collectible album with a signed Certificate of Authenticity, along with an overview of King Herod, including significant events of his rule and his impact on Jewish history.

Add this artifact from an influential period of history to your collection! Purchase this Bronze Prutah of King Herod I from MCM today.

Year of Issue:37-4 BC
Mint:Roman Mint
Grading Service:Uncertified