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Australian Shipwreck Series

The Shipwreck series that highlights some of the most dramatic maritime disasters in history debuted in 2019 thanks to an exclusive partnership between the Royal Australian Mint and Lucius Precious Metals. The 2019 issue marked the first time a triangular-shaped bullion coin had ever been released! It commemorated the ill-fated voyage of the Batavia.

Early in 2020, the second addition to the series was issued, and featuring the Vergulde Draeck or Gilt Dragon, a former Dutch East India Company ship that ran afoul of a coral reef off the coast of West Australia in 1656 while it was traveling to Batavia (now Jakarta). Just 75 of the original crew survived the wreck and while a small group of the survivors reached Batavia seeking aid, subsequent rescue attempts proved futile. What happened to the rest of the crew remains a mystery to this day.

Later in 2020, the third coin in the series was released, marking the ill-fated voyage of the cargo vessel Zuytdorp. In 1711, the Zuytdorp, meaning South Village, left the Netherlands for the Dutch East Indies carrying a cargo of trade goods alongside 286 passengers. The doomed vessel would never reach its destination, wrecking on the Western Australian coast in 1712. It has been proposed that any possible survivors were helped by local people, perhaps marking the first European contact with Indigenous Australians, a crucial moment in the country’s history.

All coins in the series are available as silver or gold pieces, and feature limited mintages.

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