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Antioch, King Bohemond III (1149-1163) Silver Denier NGC UNC Story Vault

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Antioch, King Bohemond III (1149-1163) Silver Denier NGC UNC Story Vault

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Why purchase this Uncirculated Silver Denier of Antioch, struck in the name of Prince Bohemond III?

At the time of his father's death in 1149, Bohemond III was one year old, obviously too young for ascension to Prince of the Crusader state of Antioch. Until ousted by the noblemen of Antioch in 1163, Constance, Bohemond's mother, ruled as regent. This Denier of Antioch, struck during the regency period, 1149-1163, features the image of Bohemond as a child. The coin measures approximately 17 mm in diameter, weighing about 0.9 gram.

Crusader Themed Design

A cross pattee with a single pellet in one corner is depicted on the reverse at the center of a circle, similar to the emblem worn on the Crusaders uniforms. The inscription "ANTIOCHIA" surrounds the image

A rudimentary, stylized image of Bohemond III as young bare-headed child is featured on the obverse, encircled by a beaded frame and the inscription "BOAMVNDVS" (Bohemond).

Gorgeous NGC Uncirculated Coin in Story Vault Packaging

Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) has reviewed this 1149-1163 Silver Denier of Antioch and deemed it to be in outstanding Uncirculated (UNC) condition. The coin features the qualities of surface and strike comparable to a coin graded 60-62 on the Sheldon Scale, with a few scuffs or hairlines and overall good eye appeal. The coin is presented in a labeled NGC holder and packaged in a Story Vault case featuring an information card detailing the coin's origin and significance.

Make this exceptional Antioch Silver Denier the next addition to your collection!

Year of Issue:1149-1163
Grading Service:NGC
Grade:UNC Details
CATEGORIES: Medieval Coins, More