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AD 81-96 Roman Empire, Silver Denarius of Domitian NGC VF

AD 81-96 Roman Empire, Silver Denarius of Domitian NGC VF
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Why add this AD 81-96 Roman Empire Domitian Silver Denarius to your collection?

Struck from silver, this Denarius of Domitian gives you the chance to step back into the first century AD. Domitian was among the most significant Emperors of Rome and had a major impact on the empire more than a century after his reign ended. Among his accomplishments were the expansion of the empire's borders, an improved economy thanks to his revaluation of coinage, and the reconstruction of a damaged Rome. Even so, he was opposed by the Senate, who considered him an authoritarian. He curtailed their powers and was eventually assassinated by court officials.

Powerful Helena Alkidemos Design

Domitian is depicted in right-side profile on the obverse. He has a laureate on his head. Rim inscriptions in Latin read, "IMP CAES DOMIT AVG - GERM P M TR P VIIII" (Emperor Caesar Domitian, Augustus, Defeater of the Germans, Greatest Priest, Tribune of the People).

On the reverse, Minerva stands on the bow of a ship facing right. She dons a military helmet and wears a chiton. She holds a javelin in his right hand and a shield at her left. An owl, a symbol of wisdom associated with the Goddess, is at her feet. Arching over her are inscriptions that read, "IMP XXI COS XV CENS P P P" (Emperor, 21 parts (1 silver, 20 copper), Consul 15, Censor Perpetuus, Father of his Country, Sacred Money).

Well Preserved VF

Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) graded this coin Very Fine. That means that is has sharp digits and letters and retains moderate design detail.

Don't miss your chance to own this Roman Empire AD 81-96 Domitian Silver Denarius.

Year of Issue:AD 81-96
Mint:Roman Mint
Grading Service:NGC
Country:Roman Empire
Legal Tender:Roman Empire