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Roman Empire, The Four Constantines (AD 4th Century) - Restoring the Glory of Rome 4-Coin Set (Presentation Portfolio with COA)

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Roman Empire, The Four Constantines (AD 4th Century) - Restoring the Glory of Rome 4-Coin Set (Presentation Portfolio with COA)

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Why purchase this Ancient Roman Bronze Four-Coin Set featuring the Four Constantines?

The Julio-Claudian dynasty of the Roman Empire ended with the death of Emperor Nero in 68 A.D., beginning a period of nearly two and a half centuries of crisis and decline of the Empire. The ascension of Constantine I (Constantine the Great) to the throne in 306 A.D. marked a pivotal change for the Empire; an era of restoration to its former glory, led by Constantine and his three sons Constantine II, Constans I and Constantius II. The government was restructured, separating civil concerns from military authority, and the Edict of Milan issued in A.D. 313, which proclaimed tolerance for Christianity in the empire. These bronze coins of the Constantinian Dynasty range in weight from 1-3.5 g, with diameters of 13-21 mm.

Remarkable Bronze Coinage

The obverses feature the laureate portraits of Emperors Constantine I, Constantine II, Constans I and Constantius II, each accompanied by a legend declaring the emperor's name and title.

Reverse imagery typically illustrated allegorical figures or personifications, portrayed to demonstrate themes of politics, religion, history and mythology.

Stunning Coin Album with Certificate of Authenticity

This Four Constantines Bronze coin set has received a Certificate of Authenticity from the American Numismatic Association (ANA). The four coins struck in the 4th Century A.D. are presented in an attractive album along with a story card describing the historical impact of the four Constantines of the Constantinian Dynasty.

Add these four bronze coins struck during the restored glory days of Rome to your collection today!

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Mint:Roman Mint
Grading Service:Uncertified
Country:Roman Empire
Legal Tender:Roman Empire
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