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Roman Empire, Billon Nummus of Constantine I (AD 307-337) - London Mint - NGC AU

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Roman Empire, Billon Nummus of Constantine I (AD 307-337) - London Mint - NGC AU

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Why add this Bronze Nummus struck for Roman Emperor Constantine I to your collection of ancient coinage?

Constantine I was ruler of the Roman Empire from AD 307-337. Recognized as Constantine the Great, the first Christian Emperor, his influence led to the proclamation of the Edict of Milan in AD 313, which established a policy of tolerance for Christianity within the Empire. This Bronze Nummus of Constantine, struck at the London Mint, measures approximately 22 mm in diameter.

Imagery of the Emperor

The obverse features the laureate, cuirassed, right-facing portrait of Emperor Constantine, encircled by the inscription "CONSTANTINVS P F AVG," which translates into "Emperor Constantine, pious and successful."

A representation of Sol, the sun god, appears on the reverse, draped in a chlamys and head adorned with a radiate crown, grasping a globus in his left hand. Star in left field, "PLN" in exergue (London Mint mark). The legend "SOLI INVICTO COMITI" means "To the invincible Sun, companion of the Emperor."

Magnificent About Uncirculated Ancient Coin

Numismatic Guaranty Corporation's ancient coin experts, NGC Ancients, graded this Roman Imperial Bronze Nummus of Constantine the Great to be AU, About Uncirculated, which is equivalent to a Sheldon scale rating of 50. Expect this exceptional coin struck AD 307-337 to have remarkable strike and surface conditions, featuring full design details with minimal wear at the highest points and more than half of its original Mint luster remaining.

Make this Bronze Nummus of Roman Emperor Constantine the Great the next treasured addition to your ancient coin collection today!

Grading Service:NGC
Variety:London Mint