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AD 253-260 Roman Empire Billon Double-Denarius of Valerian I NGC VF

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AD 253-260 Roman Empire Billon Double-Denarius of Valerian I NGC VF

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Why purchase this Billon Double-Denarius of Roman Emperor Valerian I?

Valerian I is the only Emperor in the history of the Roman Empire to be taken as a prisoner of war. Following his defeat at the Battle of Edessa in AD 260, a meeting was arranged with Sassanian Persian King Shapur I to negotiate a truce. Instead of a negotiation, the Emperor was betrayed, held captive and reportedly tortured for the remaining five years of his life. Struck AD 253-260, this Double-Denarius of Valerian I is a silver plated bronze (billon) coin weighing about 4 grams. The coin was ironically issued to symbolize successful journeys for the Emperor, depicting Mercury, the Roman god of financial gain, commerce, travelers and luck, paired with the name "Fortuna Redux," who was a form of the goddess Fortuna, believed to be the guardian of the emperor's safe return to the city of Rome.

Symbolic Ancient Imagery

The obverse depicts Emperor Valerian, draped and cuirassed, wearing a radiate crown. Inscribed "IMP C P LIC VALERIANVS AVG" (Emperor Caesar Licinius Valerianus, August).

Mercury is featured on the reverse with a purse and a caduceus held in his hands, surrounded by the inscription "FORTVNA REDVX."

Very Fine Ancient Coin

This Billon Double-Denarius of Roman Emperor Valerian I is graded Very Fine (VF) by NGC Ancients, the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation's ancient coin division. The coin will exhibit strike and surface characteristics similar to a coin graded 25 on the Sheldon Scale.

This Double-Denarius of Emperor Valerian I will make an impressive addition to your collection!

Year of Issue:AD 253-260
Mint:Roman Mint
Grading Service:NGC
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