Home Silver AD 200-260 Ancient Greece Silver Antioch Tetradra Prieur Hd Right NGC MS

AD 200-260 Ancient Greece Silver Antioch Tetradra Prieur Hd Right NGC MS

AD 200-260 Ancient Greece Silver Antioch Tetradra Prieur Hd Right NGC MS
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Why purchase this Roman Provincial tetradrachm of Emperor Caracalla?

Caracalla was co-ruler of the Roman Empire with his father Septimius Severus, and then bother Geta from AD 198-211. He became sole ruler in 211, after the assassination of Geta, which was reportedly ordered by Caracalla himself. Caracalla is credited with an edict in 212/213 which granted Roman citizenship to all free men within the Empire. Struck from billon (bronze with a silver wash) at the Antioch Mint AD 198-217, this Roman Provincial tetradrachm features the image of Emperor Caracalla.

Distinctive Design Honoring Caracalla

The obverse depicts a traditional right facing laureate portrait of Caracalla, encircled by a Greek inscription which translates as "Emperor Caesar Marcus Aurelius Antoninus August."

An eagle is illustrated on the reverse facing forward with its wings spread, while perched upon the thigh of a sacrificial animal and holding a wreath in its upturned beak. The Greek inscription surrounding the image represents "Dressed in the power of the Tribune consul for the fourth time."

Exceptional Mint State Tetradrachm

This Roman Provincial Antioch Billon Tetradrachm of Caracalla, minted AD 198-217, was awarded the grade of Mint State (MS), by NGC Ancients, the ancient coin experts of the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation. Having a Sheldon Scale equivalent of 60-62, the coin will have a few marks or abrasions, with remarkably little sign of wear. The coin's pedigree is confirmed as part of the collection of the late Michel Prieur, prominent numismatist and founder of the Compagnie Generale de Bourse (CGB), a French company dedicated to numismatic reference and sales.

This impressively graded Mint State Tetradrachm of Caracalla from the Prieur Collection will be an exciting addition to your ancient coin collection!

Year of Issue:AD 200-260
Grading Service:NGC
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