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Home Roman Empire, Silver Denarius Of Commodus (AD 177-192) NGC AU

Roman Empire, Silver Denarius of Commodus (AD 177-192) NGC AU

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Roman Empire, Silver Denarius of Commodus (AD 177-192) NGC AU

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Why add this About Uncirculated Roman Imperial Silver Denarius of Commodus to your collection of ancient coins?

Commodus began his reign as ruler of the Roman Empire in AD 177 at the age of eighteen, alongside his father Marcus Aurelius. This Silver Denarius was struck in Rome during the reign of Commodus, with a diameter measuring approximately 18 mm and a weight of about 2.85 grams.

Incredibly Detailed Imagery

The obverse bears the image of Emperor Commodus facing right, with a laurel wreath upon his head of curly hair. Inscribed "L AEL AVREL COMM AVG P FEL."

An intricately detailed illustration of Winged Victory adorns the reverse. The goddess is portrayed walking to the left, with her gown flowing about her feet, holding a branch of palm in her left hand, and a wreath in her outstretched right. The image includes an eight-pointed star and the partially clipped inscription "P M TR P XVII IMP VIII COS VII P P."

Exceptional Ancient Coin Graded About Uncirculated

This Silver Denarius of Commodus, struck AD 177-192, is graded AU, About Uncirculated (Sheldon Scale equivalent of 50-53) by the ancient coin division of the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation, NGC Ancients. The coin will exhibit complete details, with some of the highest features of the design worn flat. The beautifully struck coin is further authenticated as genuine by the American Numismatic Association and includes a colorful Certificate of Authenticity with a brief description of the Emperor.

This remarkable treasure from the Roman Empire belongs in your collection now!

Grading Service:NGC