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AD 1198-1219 Armenia, AR Tram Crusades NGC XF

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AD 1198-1219 Armenia, AR Tram Crusades NGC XF

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Why purchase this Armenian AD 1198-1219 AR Tram Crusades?

While its place in Western history is often overlooked in favor of the Roman Empire, Greece, and Judea, Armenia has played an important role in the West in general, and Christianity in particular. In 301, it became the first ever Christian nation. In the Middle Ages, it played a vital role in the Christian efforts during the Crusades. This coin dates back to that period in its history. The coin, which was struck from silver, is perfect for collectors with an interest in Christian history.

Stunning King Levon Design

The obverse design features a crowned King Levon sitting on his thrown, which is adorned with lions. In his right hand, he holds a Cross, a symbol of Christianity. In his left hand, he holds a scepter with a fleur-de-lis at the top. The scepter represents power while the fleur-de-lis is a Christian symbol. The design is encircled by a rim frame that bears the inscription "Levon King of the Armenians" in Armenian.

On the reverse, two lions stand guard, a large cross stands erect between them. "By the Will of God" is inscribed in the rim frame in Armenian.

Well Maintained XF

The experts at Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) gave this coin the adjectival grade Extremely Fine. Extremely Fine coins retain complete details but have some wear that is limited to their high points.

Add this 1198-1219 AD Armenian AR Crusades Tram to your collection today.

Year of Issue:AD 1198-1219
Grading Service:NGC