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AD 1198-1219 Armenia, AR Tram Crusades NGC MS

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AD 1198-1219 Armenia, AR Tram Crusades NGC MS

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Why order this 1198-1219 AD Armenia, AR Tram Crusades?

Armenia has played an important role in the history of Christianity. Included in that role is the fact that it became the first ever Christian nation, a status that it gained in 301. The Eastern European country also played an important role during Christian efforts to liberate the Holy Land during the Crusades. This coin comes from the period of the Crusades, making it an excellent choice for Christian collectors and anyone else with an interest in European history. The coin was struck from silver.

Powerful King Levon Design

King Levon sits on his thrown at the center of the obverse with his feet set upon a footstool. Lions adorn the thrown. The king holds a Cross in his right hand and a scepter that is topped with a fleur-de-lis in the other, symbolizing God's blessing on his power. An inscription that translates to "Levon, King of the Armenians" encircles the image in a rim frame.

On the reverse, two Lions appear on either side of a long cross, contained by the inscription that runs around the edge of the coin. The Armenian inscription therein means, "By the Will of God."

Beautifully Preserved MS

This coin remains in Mint State over 800 years after it was first struck according tot he experts at Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC). That means that it does have any traces of wear.

Add this 1198-1219 AD Armenia, AR Crusades Tram to your collection today.

Year of Issue:AD 1198-1219
Grading Service:NGC
CATEGORIES: Ancient Coins, More, Silver