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AD 1198-1219 Armenia, AR Tram Crusades NGC AU

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AD 1198-1219 Armenia, AR Tram Crusades NGC AU

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Why buy this Armenia AD 1198-1219 AR Tram Crusades?

Armenia has a rich, ancient history that is all too often overlooked. In 301, it became the first ever Christian nation. Centuries later, it played an important role in Christian attempts to free the Holy Land from Muslim rule. It is that period to which this tram dates. Struck from silver, this rare coin offers a look into a country whose history played an important role in the development of Western Civilization.

Fascinating King Levon Design

The crowned King Levon sits on his thrown, facing the holder on the obverse. the thrown is adorned by lions. The king holds a Cross and a fleur-de-lis, two important symbols of Christianity. Along the rim is an inscription that translates to "Levon King of the Armenians."

On the reverse, two lions stand on guard, on either side of a long cross. Encircling the design is a rim inscription that translates to "By the Will of God."

Well Maintained Almost Uncirculated

The experts at Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) graded this piece Almost Uncirculated. That means that the coin has slight wear, but that it retains full details, with the possible exception of minor softness on the high points.

Don't miss your chance to own this 1198-1219 AD Armenia Tram Crusades.

Year of Issue:AD 1198-1219
Grading Service:NGC
CATEGORIES: Ancient Coins, More, Silver