5pc 2023 1-50 Nevada Goldback 24kt Gold Foil Note Set

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Jumpstart your gold hoard with this 5-piece Aurum 24-karat gold foil 2023 Nevada Goldback note set! 

Why does this complete 5-piece set of 2023 Nevada Goldback Aurum 24 karat gold foil notes belong in your collection of precious metal treasures?

The Nevada Goldback series is issued in five denominations, each with 24-karat gold content and a unique artistic masterpiece honoring the state and its history. The notes, which feature the authorization declaration of "Specie Legal Tender Instrument," are considered to be a type of local voluntary currency exclusively in the state of Nevada. These notes are privately issued and are not considered to be U.S. dollar legal tender. Ranging in denomination from one to fifty, the foil notes are minted from a state-of-the-art material named Aurum, which is created when meticulously measured vaporized gold is sealed between two layers of thin, astoundingly durable polyester film. The imagery of the 2023 Nevada Goldback gold foil note series is essentially the same as previously issued, with the addition of enhanced design details, deeper shading, bolder line work, and sharper colorized accents.

  • This is a complete set of the five Nevada Goldback Aurum Gold Foil Notes issued in 2023.
  • Each note is handsomely crafted from .999 fine gold (24 karat).
  • The set is comprised of five individual notes ranging in weight from 1/1000 to 1/20 Troy oz., minted in denominations of 1, 5, 10, 25 and 50 Nevada Goldbacks.
  • The notes vary in size, from 118-178 mm in length and 66-76.20 mm in width, each measuring 0.10 mm in thickness.
  • Each note is released as voluntary local currency redeemable only in the state of Nevada.
  • The notes were minted using a state-of-the-art technique by Valaurum Inc.
  • Each note in the set features a unique serial number.
  • Each note is minted with superior quality high-resolution colorized text and graphics.

Gorgeously Detailed Representations of Classic Virtues

Obverse: The five denominations of the Nevada Goldback series are each adorned with a different, vintage-style illustration dedicated to an iconic virtue. Featuring dramatically colorized high-resolution graphics and text, the design of each note is inspired by the history of Nevada and is instilled with symbolic elements and motivational messages, along with naturally formed and man-made landmarks and monuments. The notes feature exquisitely detailed artwork centered upon renditions of female personas representing the virtues of Caritas (Charity), Sophia (Wisdom), Justitia (Justice), Fortitudine (Fortitude), and Libertas (Liberty). The powerful imagery of each note is accompanied by inscriptions which include "2023," "NEVADA GOLDBACK," "SPECIE LEGAL TENDER INSTRUMENT," and "24K GOLD," along with the corresponding denomination in Goldbacks and precious metal weight. The text "Privately Issued. Not US Dollar Legal Tender" also appears on the note.

Reverse: The reverses are intentionally undecorated to display the natural gold content and to highlight a fascinating effect of Aurum's innovative minting technique. A mirror image of the note's obverse appears as a shimmering, lightly frosted graphic.

Beautifully Minted Aurum Gold Foil Note Set

Each 2023 dated Aurum Gold Foil Note in this Nevada Goldback 5-piece set is presented in Uncirculated condition. Expect the five individual ungraded 24-karat gold notes to be exquisitely crafted, featuring expertly finished surfaces and outstanding eye appeal.

Make this 5-piece Aurum 24 karat gold foil 2023 Nevada Goldback note set a part of your collection today!

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