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336-323 BC Macedon, Gold Stater of Alexander III "the Great" NGC MS Strike: 5/5

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336-323 BC Macedon, Gold Stater of Alexander III "the Great" NGC MS Strike: 5/5

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Why add this posthumously issued Alexander the Great Gold Stater to your collection of ancient Greek coinage?

Ruler of the Macedonian Kingdom from 336-323 BC, Alexander III "the Great" was a skilled military strategist, responsible for creating one of the largest territorial empires of the ancient world. This Kingdom of Macedon Gold Stater, with a weight of 8.58 grams, is considered an early posthumous issue of Alexander the Great.

Breathtaking Greek Imagery Symbolizing Military Strength and Triumph

Athena, the Goddess of War, is featured on the obverse, facing right, adorned with an elaborately styled, crested Corinthian helmet pushed back on her head, with her hair flowing loosely below.

Winged Nike, the Greek goddess of Victory, is depicted standing on the reverse, with magnificently detailed feathered wings spread out behind her. The goddess is portrayed holding a stylus in her left hand, with a laurel wreath held in her outstretched right hand.

Stunning Mint State Ancient Gold Stater

This Gold Stater, struck 336-323 BC in the ancient Kingdom of Macedon for Alexander III, is graded Mint State (MS) by NGC Ancients, the specialized ancient coin grading division of the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation. The coin also earned the highest ancient coin grade of 5/5 for its outstanding strike quality and 2/5 for surface characteristics. Having a Sheldon Scale equivalent of 60-62, the coin will exhibit ancient mint luster and no signs of circulation wear at all.

Make this exceptionally graded Mint State Gold Stater of Alexander the Great the next ancient treasure added to your collection!

Year of Issue:336-323 BC
Grading Service:NGC
Designation:Strike: 5/5