Home Shop By Mint Roman Mint 27 BC - 5 AD Roman Empire, Silver Denarius Of Augustus NGC Ch. AU (Strike:3/5, Surface:3/5) 12 Caesars

27 BC - 5 AD Roman Empire, Silver Denarius of Augustus NGC Ch. AU (Strike:3/5, Surface:3/5) 12 Caesars

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27 BC - 5 AD Roman Empire, Silver Denarius of Augustus NGC Ch. AU (Strike:3/5, Surface:3/5) 12 Caesars

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Why add this Silver Denarius of Roman Emperor Augustus to your collection?

In 27 BC, the Roman Senate bestowed the title of Augustus to Octavian, thus naming him the first ruler of the Roman Empire. Having no male children of his own, it became a matter of importance for Augustus to name his successor. Augustus officially adopted the two eldest sons of his daughter, Lucius and Gaius, and began preparing them as his heirs with his son-in-law Tiberius to act as regent. Unfortunately the grandsons of Augustus both died in military campaigns in 2 and 3 AD, leaving the Emperor no choice but to name Tiberius as his successor.

Commemorative Denarius Design

This Silver Denarius of Augustus was struck between 2 BC and 4 AD at the Lugdunum Mint. The obverse features the laureate image of Augustus. The reverse depicts Lucius and Gaius, in celebration of their coming of age and completed military training, proudly holding spears and shields.

Choice About Uncirculated Ancient Silver Denarius

NGC Ancients, the ancient coin specialists at the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation, graded this Roman Imperial Silver Denarius of Augustus to be Ch. AU, Choice About Uncirculated, which is equivalent to a grade of 55-58 on the Sheldon Scale. With additional grading of 3/5 for both strike and surface quality, the coin exhibits complete detail, with slight wear on the highest points and more than half of the original luster remaining.

Don't miss this opportunity to add an ancient coin struck for the first Emperor of the Roman Empire to your collection!

Year of Issue:27 BC - 5 AD
Mint:Roman Mint
Grading Service:NGC
Grade:Ch. AU