Here’s an Extraordinary, Once-in-a-Lifetime Krugerrand Opportunity!

Very Limited Mintages! Historic Krugerrands! Never Again!


Step back in time more than half a century ago to 1967. The world’s first heart transplant had just happened. The Cold War, the Space Race and the Vietnam War were ongoing. And the Green Bay Packers beat the Kansas City Chiefs in the very first Super Bowl™.


But among all the headline-making events, perhaps nothing was bigger than the earthquake that began in South Africa and quickly spread across the world.


That earthquake came in the form of the world’s first-ever modern gold bullion coin: the Krugerrand.

For more than half a century, the South African Gold Krugerrand has set the standard for gold bullion coinage featuring the original, iconic, familiar design—with Otto Schultz’s famous portrait of former South African President Stephanus Johannes Paulus Kruger (the coin’s namesake) on the obverse, and the symbolic Springbok antelope on the reverse, creating a lasting, iconic symbol of wealth and prosperity. 


The Krugerrand is still the most widely traded gold bullion coin on the planet. The grandfather of modern gold issues, the series brings South Africa’s history and natural beauty to collectors every year. Every other nation’s gold bullion coins that followed—Canada Gold Maple Leafs, China Pandas, American Gold Eagles, all of them—owe their existence to the gleaming Krugerrand from South Africa.

The Legend of the Oom Paul Press
The Oom Paul Press has a long, storied history. Manufactured in 1891 for use in the first South African mint established in Pretoria in 1892, the press struck more than 8 million coins between 1892 and 1900. Millions of gold sovereigns were also minted on the Oom Paul Press and exported to Argentine, Australia, Brazil, Dutch East Indies, India, Ceylon, Burma, Straits Settlements and the United Kingdom from 1925-1933, during the era when South Africa was governed by the British. The special crowns created for the visit of the British Royal family in 1947, were also minted on Oom Paul. And when South Africa broke away from the commonwealth and became a Republic, the first decimal 1c coins were struck on Oom Paul in 1961.


The Oom Paul Press was also used to mint the very first Gold Krugerrands and Gold Krugerrand Proofs, on July 3, 1967.

These 2024 Krugerrand Proofs Will Be Struck on the Oom Paul Press—the LAST EVER Krugerrands Struck on this Press!
The Oom Paul Press has moved around some during its lifetime, including its relocation back to Pretoria where it currently resides, fully functional and minting the new bi-metal R5 with a special “CW” mintmark for visitors to see. Soon it will be moved to the Reserve Bank, where it will be on display, expressing its remarkable influence in the history of South African numismatics. 


But before that happens, this incredible press that struck the very first 1967 Krugerrands will strike a special series of very limited 2024 Krugerrand Proofs—which you can add to your collection if you act quickly. This is the very last time the iconic Oom Paul Press will ever strike Krugerrands.

One of a Kind Oom Paul Press Privy Mark
Every one of these 2024 Oom Paul Krugerrands will feature a one-of-a-kind privy mark above the springbok image on the reverse. The privy is so special the engravers at the South African Mint hand engraved it into the dye rather than using laser engraving.


Gold Krugerrand Proofs Struck in 91.67% 22-Karat Fine Gold 
These 2024 Gold Oom Paul Krugerrands are struck in 91.67% (22 karat) fine gold. You have your choice of the One-Ounce Gold Krugerrand (1 GKR South Africa legal tender), or the Quarter Ounce Gold Krugerrand (Quarter GKR South Africa legal tender). Or you can secure a 2-Pc. Set consisting of both Gold Krugerrand sizes.

Exquisite Proof Finishes
Each of these Krugerrands comes with a phenomenal proof finish that showcases the handsome imagery and glass-like fields. To create these masterworks of numismatic art, planchets are specially selected and treated to give them an extra polished appearance. Then, under extreme pressure, the blanks are struck with specially treated dies. The process is much slower and far more demanding than the striking of an ordinary circulating coin, but the result is worth it: spectacularly frosted devices that appear to hover over brilliant, mirror-like backgrounds!


NGC-Certified in GEM Proof or Perfect PF70 UC Condition, with FDI or FDP Designations
Each of the 2024 Gold Oom Paul Krugerrands available here is NGC-certified to be in your choice of perfect Proof-70 Ultra Cameo (PF70 UC) or quality GEM Proof condition. Additionally, these Proofs are certified as your choice of First Day of Production (FDP) or First Day of Issue (FDI).


Ridiculously Low Mintages
The tiny mintages for these special Krugerrand Proofs are kind of a good news/bad news scenario. The small mintages are good news if you’re one of the few that’s able to secure these one of 2024 Oom Paul Press Gold Krugerrands for your collection, but they’re bad news if you don’t act fast enough and miss out. Just 670 one-ounce Krugerrands were authorized for worldwide release, and only 1,967 quarter-ounce Krugerrands were authorized. That’s it.  


Exclusive Releases Available Only Here
That’s right. You can only get these magnificent proofs with these designations from our Scarce and Unique Division.


Take a look at these beautiful, historic coins to see why they’ll hold a treasured spot in your collection!

2024 Gold Krugerrand Oom Paul Press Proofs 2-Pc. Set PF70 UC or Gem Proof FDP or FDI

2-Pc. Set:
- One Ounce of 91.67% 22-Karat Gold
- Quarter Ounce of 91.67% 22-Karat Gold
• First Time Ever Offered by the South African Mint
• Official South Africa Legal Tender
• Classic Krugerrand Design
• Oom Paul Press Privy Mark
• Proof Finish
• Graded PF70 UC or GEM Proof by NGC
• NGC-Certified as FDP or FDI
• Limited Availability

2024 One-Ounce Gold Krugerrand Oom Paul Press Proof PF70 UC or Gem Proof FDP or FDI

• One Ounce of 91.67% 22-Karat Gold
• 1 GKR Official South Africa Legal Tender
• Classic Krugerrand Design
• Oom Paul Press Privy Mark
• Proof Condition
• Graded PF70 UC or GEM Proof by NGC
• NGC-Certified as FDP or FDI
• Limited Edition of Only 670 Authorized Worldwide

2024 Quarter-Ounce Gold Krugerrand Oom Paul Press Proof PF70 UC or Gem Proof FDP or FDI

• Quarter Ounce of 91.67% 22-Karat Gold
• 1/4 GKR Official South Africa Legal Tender
• Classic Krugerrand Design
• Oom Paul Press Privy Mark
• Proof Condition
• Graded PF70 UC or GEM Proof by NGC
• NGC-Certified as FDP or FDI
• Limited Edition of Only 1,967 Authorized Worldwide

Just imagine how good these Gold Krugerrands from the Oom Paul Press—the very same press that struck the very first Gold Krugerrands 57 years ago—will look in your collection! But…authorized mintages were tiny so act now to secure yours. Don’t miss out. Secure these spectacular, historic, limited 2024 Gold Krugerrands right now.


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