The 2021 Wedge-Tailed Eagles Soar Like Never Before

This release marks an important first—not just for the collector-favorite Wedge-Tailed Eagle series, but for Australia’s Perth Mint!

Ever since the introduction of the Wedge-Tailed Eagle in 2014, the series has been creating history. It was the first-ever collaboration between a foreign world mint and a former U.S. Mint Chief Engraver—the legendary John Mercanti, 12th Chief Engraver of the U.S. Mint and designer of the original U.S. Silver Eagle reverse. But as the series has gone on, new and exciting minting technology has made available some of the finest modern pieces collectors have seen in years.

This 2021 release is no different. With this release, Mercanti presents his sixth design of the series, which will be struck for one year only. What’s more, Perth Mint is striking the design not only in stunning High Relief condition, but also as their first-ever Enhanced Reverse Proof coins!

New, One-Year-Only Design
In 2019, Mercanti presented us with a highly detailed image of Australia’s largest bird of prey soaring through the skies in search of its next meal. In 2020, the design showed a close-up of that eagle as it opened its talons, preparing to dive. Now, in 2021, we see the Wedge-Tailed Eagle victorious, rising back into the sky while clutching a snake in its talons. The detail on the feathers is absolutely stunning—especially with this year’s first-ever Enhanced Reverse Proof finish!

First-Ever Enhanced Reverse Proof from Perth Mint—Struck in High Relief
Perth Mint marks an important milestone in their own history with this release, which marks the very first time they have struck a series of coins in Enhanced Reverse Proof condition. Normally, a Reverse Proof finish includes frosty fields and mirrored devices. But the Enhanced Reverse Proof finish presents us with multiple polished and frosted finishes applied to different elements of the design.

These varying finishes were applied to the Wedge-Tailed Eagles wing and tail feathers for an effect that’s simply stunning, especially since the coin additionally comes struck in High Relief condition, with a concave field that allows the design to rise high off of the coin’s surface. It’s unlike any Wedge-Tailed Eagle you’ve ever seen before, and a must-have for collectors!

Struck in 99.99%

This release of 2021 Wedge-Tailed Eagle Enhanced Reverse Proof coins includes coins struck in five ounces of 99.99% fine silver. These coins are $8 official Australia legal tender—an important benefit for many collectors, as it represents a government-backed guarantee for the coins’ weight and purity.  

Flawless and First Day of Issue with Hand-Signed Labels
A select number of Five-Ounce Silver Wedge-Tailed Eagle High Relief Enhanced Reverse Proofs have been sent to Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) and returned graded as flawless Proof-70 Ultra Cameo (PF70 UC) condition. In addition, these coins have been certified with the special First Day of Issue (FDI) pedigree—a designation given only to pieces received for grading within 24 hours of the mintage’s release.

Each coin you order will arrive sealed in a protective display holder to preserve its flawless graded condition. And on that holder will be an Australian flag label hand-signed by designer and former Chief Engraver of the U.S. Mint, John Mercanti!

World Exclusive Limited Availability
We are proud to be the exclusive distributor of all 2021 Wedge-Tailed Eagle coins outside of Australia. But while this release is exclusive, it is also exceptionally limited. Just 1,000 Five-Ounce Silver Wedge-Tailed Eagle High Relief Enhanced Reverse Proofs have been authorized. Even fewer are available certified by NGC as PF70 UC and FDI and come sealed with Mercanti’s hand-written signature.

Never before has the Perth Mint struck coins with an Enhanced Reverse Proof finish—and the series they chose as the first to bear this new finish was the Wedge-Tailed Eagle. Don’t miss out on what’s sure to be a hugely popular release—secure your 2021 Wedge-Tailed Eagle Proofs now!

2021 Five-Ounce Silver Wedge-Tailed Eagle High Relief Enhanced Reverse Proof

  • First-Ever Perth Mint Enhanced Reverse Proof Release
  • Five Ounces of 99.99% Fine Silver
  • New One-Year-Only Mercanti Design
  • $8 Australia Legal Tender
  • High Relief Strike
  • Enhanced Reverse Proof Condition
  • Perfect PF70 UC Grade
  • Certified First Day of Issue (FDI) by NGC
  • Exclusive Label Hand-Signed by Mercanti
  • Mintage of 1,000
  • Limited Availability
Don’t miss out on the latest addition to the Wedge-Tailed Eagle legacy. Mintages are limited, so hurry and secure your flawless, hand-signed 2021 Wedge-Tailed Eagles now!

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