Extraordinary High Relief (EHR) Buffaloes You Have to SEE to Believe

Visually Stunning Masterpieces from the Royal Canadian Mint

The Royal Canadian Mint (RCM) is well-known for creating groundbreaking coins, with an unparalleled level of detail. They made history in 2020 by striking the world’s first “Extraordinary High Relief” (EHR) gold coins, the astonishing Proud Bald Eagle coin with its massive, never-before-seen 5.95 mm relief height. Not surprisingly, the entire mintage sold out within a day of release. Flash forward to now. The RCM has just released a follow-up issue to that first-ever EHR release – this time commemorating a North American animal shared by both the United States and Canada, the Buffalo!

But This Is a New Kind of Buffalo
The first coins with high relief (HR) designs were very impressive and appealed to collectors all around the world. Then came the spectacular ultra-high relief (UHR) designs with even higher relief images, that took design possibilities to a new level, a level that made it seem like the pinnacle had been reached.

Not so fast.

Here we are, with a coin design with relief so high that it literally dwarfs UHR designs. So much so that it requires a new way to describe it. According to the RCM, the correct term would be “Extraordinary High Relief” (EHR). And that’s what we’ve got with these 2021 EHR Buffalo Proofs.

This new Buffalo design is struck with a massive, captivating 6.1 mm relief height. The epitome of the word “extraordinary”, the extraordinary high relief on these proofs was achieved through countless hours of collaboration between RCM’s engineering and engraving teams determined to meet the technical demands of striking an astounding level of relief, while still showcasing the exquisite texture, shape and detail of the design.

So now, for only the second time, Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC), one of the top coin-grading services in the world, is using the special pedigree “Extraordinary High Relief” to designate these Canada Buffalo proofs as being of a new relief category that is head and shoulders above UHR.

Just How High Is the EHR?
To give you an idea of just how high the relief is on these Buffalo proofs, consider that the height of George Washington’s head coming out of the field on a U.S. quarter is roughly 3/10ths of a millimeter. In comparison, the relief height of a typical ultra-high relief coin would about 1.2 mm, 4 times that of George on the quarter. These EHR proofs, at 6.1 mm, have over 20 TIMES the relief height of George’s head on a quarter.

A Proof Finish Accentuates the EHR Design
A traditional proof coin carries a lot of benefits – multiple strikes, clean, sharp designs and a beautiful array of frosted raised elements and polished, mirrored backgrounds. However, the tremendous pressure needed to create these EHR proofs makes also creating the exquisite finish expected on a proof coin doubly difficult, in fact, many press techs will tell you it’s just short of impossible to achieve. Yet, the RCM has pulled off this feat once again, with breathtaking results!

The EHR Buffalo: High-Purity Gold and Silver
The famous Canadian Maple Leaf is renowned around the world for its high purity, whether struck in gold or silver, and that tradition continues with these 2021 Canada EHR Buffaloes! You can secure these proofs struck in two ounces of high-purity 99.99% pure gold or one ounce of high-purity 99.99% fine silver. Both proofs are Canada legal tender, $250 and $25 respectively.

Flawless Proof-70 Ultra Cameo Available Certified as First Day of Issue or First Day of Production
These high-purity, second-ever Gold and Silver Extraordinary High Relief Buffaloes are certified by NGC as perfect Proof-70 (PF70) Ultra Cameo (UC) condition. Proofs are graded on a scale of 1-70, making these proofs absolutely perfect—even under magnification!

In addition, a limited number of proofs have been certified by NGC as First Day of Issue (FDI), meaning they were secured from the mint and received for grading within 24 hours of release. Even fewer proofs have been certified as First Day of Production (FDP), a designation that requires the mint to certify the proofs as being struck during the very first day of production.

These proofs are not only the best of the best, they’re also the first of the best.

Canadian Flag Labels, Hand-Signed by Susan Taylor
These proofs have been encapsulated by NGC with a brand-new flag label denoting the special “Extraordinary High Relief” designation, the flawless PF70 UC grade, the FDI or FDP pedigree, and also with an exclusive hand-signed signature from retired Royal Canadian Mint Senior Engraver Susan Taylor.

Exclusive Limited Release
This is a U.S. exclusive release and mintages are incredibly limited from the start. Far fewer gold and silver proofs are available certified by NCG as PF70 UC and FDP or FDI, with a Susan Taylor hand-signed label.

2021 Canada Two-Ounce Gold EHR Buffalo Proof Taylor

  • Extraordinary High Relief Design
  • Struck in Two Ounces of High-Purity Gold
  • 99.99% Purity
  • $250 Canada Legal Tender
  • Proof Finish Showcases Design
  • Flawless PF70 UC Condition
  • Available certified by NGC as FDP or FDI
  • Canadian Flag Labels Signed by Susan Taylor
  • Exclusive Limited Release
  • Limited Availability

2021 Canada One-Ounce Silver EHR Buffalo Proof Taylor

  • Extraordinary High Relief Design
  • Struck in One Ounce of High-Purity Silver
  • 99.99% Purity
  • $25 Canada Legal Tender
  • Proof Finish Showcases Design
  • Flawless PF70 UC Condition
  • Available certified by NGC as FDP or FDI
  • Canadian Flag Labels Signed by Susan Taylor
  • Exclusive Limited Release
  • Limited Availability
These flawless Canada Buffaloes with perfect grades, sought-after pedigrees and hand-signed labels are only available from us. Secure yours right this minute before they’re gone.

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