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2021 U.S. Mint Set Uncirculated
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2021 United States Mint Uncirculated Coin Set

The U.S. Mint is releasing the 2021 Uncirculated set towards the end of September 2021. This set has roots going WAY back and used to be simply called “the Mint Set,” which is not to be confused with “the Proof Set” (which shouldn’t be confused with “the Silver Proof Set”). This set includes a total of 14 coins, 7 struck at the Philadelphia branch and 7 struck at the Denver branch of the United States Mint.

A Gateway to American Numismatics

A Gateway to American Numismatics

These coin sets are usually one of the ways young collectors begin to understand the different finishes and issues struck by the U.S. Mint. The coins feature mint marks from their respective mints (when appropriate) and can be ideal candidates for inclusion in a date and mint set of American coinage. These are standard business strike clad examples that will arrive packaged in Mint-issued, Mint-facility-specific display folders.

The 2021 Uncirculated Coin Set will include two examples of each of the following: the Lincoln cent, the Jefferson nickel, the Roosevelt dime, and the Kennedy half dollar. This set also notably includes two examples of the 56th and final America the Beautiful Quarter honoring the Tuskegee Airmen National Historic Park as well as two 2021 Native American Dollars that feature a design honoring Native American service in the U.S. Military. Two 2021 dated quarters featuring Washington Crossing the Delaware River will also be included. One example of each coin is struck in Philadelphia and one at Denver. Either P or D mint marks appear on each of the coins in this set except for on the Philadelphia struck Lincoln cent.

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