2021 South Africa Gold Krugerrand Proof Coins

The South Africa 1 oz. Gold Krugerrand Proof is the numismatic version of the fabled South African Gold Krugerrand. The South African Mint first struck Gold Krugerrands in 1967. The Krugerrand is the first modern bullion coin and was the first dominated in the international gold bullion market until the Eighties when other gold bullion series like the Canada Gold Maple Leaf series, the Chinese Gold Panda series, the Mexican Gold Libertad series, and finally the American Gold Eagle coins came around. The series is struck on 22 karat gold planchets. The coins are also issued in fractional sizes.

The Original Modern Gold Bullion Coin

The obverse of the coin features the effigy of the First President of the South African Republic at the turn of the 20th Century, Boer statesman Paul Kruger. Otto Schultz was the designer of the obverse of the coin.

The reverse of the coin, designed by Coert Steynberg, depicts a Springbok Antelope, an animal known for speed and grace. The Springbok is the national symbol of South Africa.

Inscriptions appear in English and Afrikaans on both sides of the coin.

Proof Coin, Proof Quality

Proof coins are some of the highest quality collector coins in existence. Proofs are created using polished dies and polished planchets. This preparation achieves a breathtaking finish that is coveted all over the world. The Gold Krugerrand Proof coins are the numismatic version of the bullion coin. In addition to the incomparable proof finish, the coins feature lower mintages than the BU bullion version of the coin.

The South African Mint

The organization now known as the South African Mint opened in 1890 in response to the famous Witwatersrand Gold Strike. It has opened and closed periodically and for a time operated as part of the British Royal Mint system. It became an independent mint in 1941.

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