2021 American Gold Buffalo Proof Coins

The United States Mint’s flagship American Gold Buffalo Proofs were first struck in 2006. The series is wildly popular with stackers and numismatic collectors alike. The Gold Buffalo series was the first ongoing series struck in .9999 fine gold by the U.S. Mint. Currently, the American Gold Buffalo series is struck only in the 1 oz. size.

Classic American Numismatic Design

The series uses the iconic Buffalo Nickel design that was brought to fruition by noted American Sculptor, James Earle Fraser. This design originally appeared on the five-cent piece that circulated in the United States from 1913 until 1938. This rugged, magnificent design is a nostalgic one for many collectors as the Buffalo Nickel often serves as an early and fairly accessible series for young numismatists. It was slightly modified by the U.S. Mint to faithfully reproduce the design as Fraser intended in this larger format.

The Obverse Design

The obverse features the image of a Native American Chief, said to be derived from three separate models. The rugged features of the Chief only further the sense of wisdom and dignity that we get from viewing the coin.

The Reverse Design

The reverse features the image of “Black Diamond,” the American Water Buffalo residing at the zoo in New York in 1913. This icon of the Great Plains harkens back to the Romance of the Old West. He is pictured standing on a slight mound.

Proof Quality

Proof coins feature the finest finish in numismatics. Multiple strikes, specialty preparation, handling and polishing of the dies and planchets will produce these high-quality coins. They also tend to have lower mintages than their business strike counterparts.

The Iconic 2021 American Gold Buffalo Proof 1 oz. coin can serve as a spectacular gold coin in your collection or as the first in a new collection of icons of American Numismatics. No matter your interest in the coin, ModernCoinMart.com is proud to be your source for raw examples and the highest quality graded examples from NGC featuring collectible designations and exclusive labels.

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