Proof and Brilliant Uncirculated  South African Silver Krugerrands

Proof and Brilliant Uncirculated South African Silver Krugerrands

The Silver Krugerrand series was introduced in 2017 for the 50th Anniversary of the iconic and world famous Gold Krugerrand series. The proof and bullion versions of the coin share the same iconic design with the Gold Krugerrand coins. The Silver Krugerrand is struck in .999 fine silver on 1 oz. planchets and features low and limited mintages for the proof and bullion versions of the coin.

The obverse of the coin features Paul Kruger, the first President of Zar, AKA the Transvaal Province of South Africa. It was designed by Otto Schultz , the noted late 19th Century German coin designer and die maker. The reverse of this thrilling coin features the Springbok Antelope as designed by famed South African sculptor and artist Coert Steynberg back in 1947.

The South African Silver Proof Krugerrand issue has a limited mintage of 20,000 coins to satisfy worldwide demand this year. Previous issues in this popular series are sought after by collectors. MCM will offer high grade NGC certified examples with collectible labels and designations along with ungraded examples in the original government packaging.

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A Brief History of the Krugerrand Series

The Gold Krugerrand was first issued in 1967. It was the first gold bullion coin struck by a government and it dominated the market for private gold ownership in the seventies. The Krugerrand was virtually alone in the market until the introduction of the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coin in 1979, the fabled Chinese Gold Panda coins in the early eighties and eventually the American Gold Eagle in 1986.

History of the South African Mint

The South African Mint began operations as an independent mint in 1941. Before that time it operated as part of the global British Royal Mint system. The roots of this organization go back to 1890 when a coining operation was established in response to the world famous Witwatersrand Gold Rush of 1886. Today the South African Mint strikes all of the circulating coinage for South African and is a global leader in the production of collectible numismatic and bullion products.

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