Home Gold South African Gold Coins Gold Krugerrands 2020 South Africa 1 Oz Gold Krugerrand Proof Coin Scarce And Unique Coin Division NGC PF70 UC One Of First 103 Struck First Day Of Production Tumi Signed Label

2020 South Africa 1 oz Gold Krugerrand Proof Coin Scarce and Unique Coin Division NGC PF70 UC One of First 103 Struck First Day of Production Tumi Signed Label

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2020 South Africa 1 oz Gold Krugerrand Proof Coin Scarce and Unique Coin Division NGC PF70 UC One of First 103 Struck First Day of Production Tumi Signed Label
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Why buy this 1 oz Gold 2020 South Africa Krugerrand Proof?

Since its debut in 1967, Gold Krugerrands have enamored collectors from around the world. Now, you have the chance to share in this rich tradition with this 2020 proof 1 oz gold pieces. Part of a mintage of just 1,000 pieces, the coin combines the allure of an iconic history with a level of exclusivity that any collector could appreciate. The coin was struck from .9167 fine gold at the South African Mint.

Featuring a Graceful Springbok Antelope Design by Coert Steynberg

On the obverse is a left-side portrait of one of the most important men in South African history, Paul Kruger. Designed by Otto Schultz, the image shows the third President of the South African Republic with his characteristic long, thick beard. Kruger is a controversial figure in the nation's history, but his importance is undisputed. He is joined by inscriptions of the name of the issuing country in Afrikaans, "SUID-AFRIKA," and English, "SOUTH AFRICA."

The national animal of South Africa, the springbok antelope, features on the reverse. The design by Coert Steynberg shows the creature running in the plains, its natural habitat. Steynberg shows the animal from the right with its head turned to the right of the holder in a way that offers a clearer view of its horns. The name of the coin, "KRUGERRAND," is inscribed on the rim at the top, while inscriptions at the bottom of the coin note the coin's weight in Afrikaans and English, reading, "FYNGOUD 1 OZ FINE GOLD." The first two digits of the date, "20," are set to the left of the springbok, while the last two, "20," are on the right.

Perfect PF70 UC One of First 103 Struck First Day of Production with Tumi Signed Label

Tumi Tsehlo, the Managing Director of the South African Mint, hand signed the label on which this coin's grading information is provided. That information includes Numismatic Guaranty Corporation's (NGC's) highest grade, Proof 70, and Ultra Cameo certification. A Proof 70 grade indicates that a coin appears flawless under 5x magnification, while Ultra Cameo certification is given to coins that exhibit particularly sharp contrasts between heavily frosted devices and deeply mirrored fields on both faces. NGC also certified that this coin was among the first 103 of its kind struck on the first day of its production.

Don't miss your chance to own this Proof 2020 South Africa 1 oz Gold Krugerrand.

Year of Issue:2020
Mint:South African Mint
Grading Service:NGC
Release Type:One of First 103 Struck First Day of Production
Variety:Scarce and Unique Coin Division
Label/Signature:Tumi Signed Label
Display Weight:1 oz
Weight in Grams:31.1035 g
Weight in Ounces:1 oz
Country:South Africa
Legal Tender:South Africa