2020 Great Britain Silver Proof Britannias

2020 Great Britain Silver Proof Britannias

Proof Silver Britannias often feature low mintages and unique, one-year-only designs. Britannia is the Goddess, Protector and Patroness of Great Britain. Her image is used similarly to that of the Goddess Liberty in the United States.

The coins in this series are struck in .999 fine silver and are legal tender with a face value of £2. This year’s 1 oz. entry in the proof series has a limited mintage of 4,960 pieces.

This miraculous proof is issued with special Royal Mint packaging and a numbered Certificate of Authenticity. This stunning coin is the latest Numismatic issue in one of the most iconic series ever produced! Collectors on a global basis went absolutely wild for the Gold Britannia, first issued in 1987. In 1997, the British Royal Mint commemorated the 10th Anniversary of that series with the Silver Britannia.

Traditional Elements in the Design

Traditional Elements in the Design

The reverse of the coin features the Goddess Britannia, as imagined by artist James Tottle. The design depicts Britannia as she has been envisioned on coinage for centuries. She stands at the sea shore with the waves breaking around her. She carries her trusty trident and shield and wears her Corinthian helmet. The British Lion features prominently on her shield.

The obverse design is the standard Jody Clark executed “Fifth Portrait” of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.

The British Royal Mint

The British Royal Mint began striking coinage in 886 A.D. It has continuously operated since that time. It has struck coinage in Europe, India, South Africa, Canada and Australia. It is responsible for striking the circulating coinage in the United Kingdom overseas British Territories and over 50 additional countries from all over the world. It strikes collectible Numismatic and bullion products for collectors worldwide.

Today the Royal Mint enjoys an unparalleled reputation for quality and craftsmanship with collectors around the world.

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