2020 Australia Silver Kangaroos

The Silver Kangaroo debuted in 2016 and was greeted with excitement among collectors worldwide. Unlike the Perth Mint’s other silver bullion series, this one bears the same reverse design every year, and the coins are minted to order as opposed to being subject to a maximum mintage. The coins have a unique security feature, a micro-engraved “A” within the first letter of “AUSTRALIA,” that provides a level of security that few other coins can match.

2020 Australia Silver Kangaroo Obverse Design

The coin’s obverse features a right-side portrait of Queen Elizabeth II by Jody Clark. The monarch has her shoulders open to the holder. She wears earrings and a necklace along with her Royal Diamond Diadem, the crown that she traditionally wears to the State Opening of Parliament in Westminster. Her name, “ELIZABETH II,” joins the coin’s country, “AUSTRALIA,” and face value, “1 DOLLAR,” on the rim frame.

2020 Australia Silver Kangaroo Reverse Design

2020 Australia Silver Kangaroo Reverse Design

On the reverse, a kangaroo is shown in left-side profile. The design, which was created by Stuart Devlin, shows a red kangaroo bounding in full bound, thus capturing the immense power in its legs and feet. The creature is set against a background of stylized sunlight, which is fitting for the sunny nation.

The image is encircled by a rim frame in which there are several inscriptions. The name of the coin, “AUSTRALIAN KANGAROO,” arches over the image. Inscriptions at the bottom offer the coin’s date, “2020,” its weight, “1 OZ,” and its purity, “9999 SILVER.” Also on the rim frame is the famous “P” mint mark of the Perth Mint.

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