2020 American Gold Eagles GEM Proof

The Gold Eagle is an original collectible gold coin issued by the United States Mint. The proofs in the series are struck in four sizes which include 1 oz, ½ oz, the ¼ oz and the 1/10 oz. The proofs have been struck at the West Point Branch Mint and feature the iconic “W” mint mark. Each coin is guaranteed to contain the advertised amount of gold bullion. The series is struck on 91.67% fine gold planchets.

 Design with Historic Roots

Design with Historic Roots

The images featured on the Gold Eagle Coin series have an interesting history. The obverse was originally designed by Augustus Saint-Gaudens. In 1907 he was the most famous artist in America and considered by many as the leading voice of the then popular Beaux Arts movement. The obverse of the series makes use of the popular Liberty design from the U.S. “Double Eagle” gold coin that circulated from 1907 until 1933. Liberty is depicted with her hair and gown flowing in the breeze. She is shown holding a torch overhead and an olive branch at her side.

The reverse image is an original one designed specifically for the series. Artist Miley Busiek (now working under the name Miley Tucker-Frost) created a design entitled the “Family of Eagles.” A male bald eagle shown as he is about to land in his nest. The nest is occupied by his mate and young.

Astounding Proof Finish

The Proof finish on the American Gold Eagle coin series is characterized by frosty appearing raised design details. The flat fields of the coin are polished to a mirror finish to provide maximum contrast. This landmark, high quality finish—one of the finest numismatic finishes in the world--is achieved through a combination of specialized handling and intricate preparation and polishing of the dies prior to striking the coins.

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