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2019-W Proof American Silver Eagle NGC PF70 UC First Release

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2019-W Proof American Silver Eagle NGC PF70 UC FR

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Why order this Proof 2019-W American Silver Eagle?

The stunning designs of the American Silver Eagle and the fact that it is backed for weight and purity have made the series the world's most popular coin. This 2019-W Silver Eagle gives you the opportunity to appreciate its stunning designs in a unique way thanks to its proof finish. Like its bullion counterpart, the coin was struck from .999 fine silver. Unlike the bullion coin, it bears the West Point Mint's "W" mint mark.

Traditional Walking Liberty Design by Adolph Weinman

The obverse features Adolph Weinman's Walking Liberty design, which featured on the half dollar from 1916-1947. An American flag is draped over Liberty, who strides confidently toward the left side of the coin. Liberty also wears a Phrygian cap, which is a symbol of freedom. In her left hand, she carries laurel and oak branches, symbols of civilian and military honors, respectively. Her left hand is extended in front of her, as though she is greeting the new day as the morning sun emerges below.

The reverse image is the work of John Mercanti. Modeled off of the Great Seal of the United States, it features an eagle guarding a union shield. In the bird's beak is a ribbon that bears the words "E PLURIBUS UNUM" (From many, one). It also holds arrows and an olive branch in its talons. The former represent America's readiness to defend her values while the latter indicates a preference for peace. Thirteen stars, which represent the original states, are arranged in a triangular formation at the top.

Impeccable PF70 UC FR

Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) awarded this coin their highest grade, Proof 70, which indicates that it is flawless as seen under 5x magnification. NGC also credited the coin with having particularly sharp contrasts between frosted devices and mirrored fields by labeling it Ultra Cameo. Further, the grading company certified the coin First Releases, which means that it was received for grading no more than 30 days after its initial mint release.

Add this American 2019-W Silver Eagle Proof to your collection today.

Year of Issue:2019
Mint:U.S. Mint
Mint Mark:W
Branch:West Point
Grading Service:NGC
Release Type:First Releases
Display Weight:1 oz
Weight in Grams:31.1035 g
Weight in Ounces:1 oz
Diameter:40.6 mm
Edge Type:Reeded
Country:United States
Legal Tender:United States
Obverse Design:Walking Liberty
Reverse Design:Heraldic eagle with shield and thirteen five-pointed stars
Reverse Designer/Engraver:Adolph A. Weinman
Obverse Designer/Engraver:Adolph A. Weinman