Home More Medals And Tokens 2019 China Unicorn Vault Protector 88 G Platinum Proof Medal Scarce And Unique Coin Division NGC PF70 UC FDI Song Fei Signed Label

2019 China Unicorn Vault Protector 88 g Platinum Proof Medal Scarce and Unique Coin Division NGC PF70 UC First Day of Issue Song Fei Signed Label

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2019 China Unicorn Vault Protector 88 g Platinum Proof Medal Scarce and Unique Coin Division NGC PF70 UC FDI Song Fei Signed Label
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Why buy this Proof 2019 China Unicorn Vault Protector 88 g Platinum Medal?

Step back in time with this stunning Platinum Unicorn Vault Protector. For centuries, coins in China were struck with square holes in the enter so that they could be carried on strings. This vault protector is the first ever release of the modern China Mint to have that design feature. It was minted to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the mint's Unicorn. This piece was struck from 88 g of .999 fine platinum and is part of a mintage of just 88 pieces. The number 8 is used because it is considered lucky in Chinese culture.

Breathtaking Two Unicorns Design by Song Fei

The obverse design gives the holder a look at one of the world's most famous landmarks, the Great Wall of China, from the perspective of someone standing on it. The view looks up at the wall as it winds up a mountain along its path. Inscriptions at the top offer the medal's weight and purity, reading, "88G PT .999."

The reverse features two unicorns among the clouds. The image, which was designed by Song Fei, depicts one Eastern unicorn and one Western one. The Eastern unicorn, which is known as a "qilin," has the body of a goat that is covered by a scaly coat. It also has curved horns. More familiar to American collectors is the Western unicorn, which looks like a horse except for a single pointed horn that extends from its forehead.

Flawless PF70 UC FDI with Song Fei Signed Label

Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) certified this coin First Day of Issue, a designation reserved for coins that were submitted to the grading company through an exclusive process. NGC also graded this piece Proof 70 and labeled it First Releases. Proof 70 coins appear perfect under 5x magnification, while First Releases pieces were submitted for grading no more than 30 days after their initial mint release. This information comes on a label that was hand signed by Song Fei.

Add this 2019 China 88 g Platinum Unicorn Vault Protector Proof Medal to your collection today.

Year of Issue:2019
Mint:China Mint
Grading Service:NGC
Release Type:First Day of Issue
Variety:Scarce and Unique Coin Division
Label/Signature:Song Fei Signed Label
Display Weight:88 g
Weight in Grams:88 g
Weight in Ounces:2.8293 oz
Diameter:40 mm
Obverse Design:Great Wall of China
Reverse Design:Unicorn