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2019 Australia - U.S. Apollo 11 Moon Landing - 2-Piece Set Proof Coin NGC PF69 UC First Release Black Core Holder Charlie Duke Signed Label

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2019 Australia - U.S. Apollo 11 Moon Landing - 2-Piece Set Proof Coin NGC PF69 UC FR Black Core Holder Charlie Duke Signed Label

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Why buy this 2-Piece 2019 Australia - U.S. Apollo 11 Moon Landing Proof Set?

The United States achieved what was though impossible for most of human history in 1969 when the country landed Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on the moon. While the U.S rightly gets credit for the landing, the impact that it had on earth was only possible thanks to the help of Australia. The global broadcast of the landing came through the CSIRO Parks radio telescope in Australia. Now, you have the chance to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the landing with this two coin Australian American set. It consists of a 1 oz. .999 fine Silver Colorized Australian issue and an American curpo-nickel coin. The Australian coin has by far the lower mintage at just 10,000 pieces. It is only available as part of this set.

Stunning Moon Landing Designs

The obverse of the Australian coin consists of two parts. One is the CSIRO Parks radio telescope pointing toward the moon. In the background of the obverse, portions of the transmission between Neil Armstrong and Houston during that "one small step," appears. You can almost imagine yourself in the moment based off of Armstron's detailed recounting. The other features Ian Rank-Broadley's portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. The coin's reverse features an Apollo 11 astronaut and the lunar module standing on the moon with the colorized Earth in the sky. The inscription "50TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE LUNAR LANDING" arches over the image.

A single footprint on the lunar surface features on the obverse of the domed American coin. It is joined by inscriptions of the names of the NASA programs that led up to the moon landing, "MERCURY," "GEMINI," and "APOLLO." On the reverse is a take on a portion of a famous photograph, which is called, "Buzz Aldrin on the Moon." It is dominated by his space helmet, the visor of which shows a reflection of Neil Armstrong standing on the moon along with the lunar module and the American flag.

Virtually Flawless PF69 UC FR with Black Core Holders and Charlie Duke Signed Labels

Both of the coins in this set earned Numismatic Guaranty Corporation's (NGC's) second highest grade, Proof 69. A coin must appear perfect to the naked eye to receive that grade. NGC also certified the coins Ultra Cameo, which means that they exhibit particularly sharp contrasts between heavily frosted devices and deeply mirrored fields, and First Releases, which means that they were submitted for grading no more than 30 days after they were released from the mint. Charlie Duke, the tenth man ever to walk on the moon, signed the labels on which this information is provided. Both coins come set in sleek black cores.

Add this 2019 2-Piece Australia - U.S. Apollo 11 Moon Landing Proof Set to your collection today.

Year of Issue:2019
Mint:Royal Australian Mint
Grading Service:NGC
Release Type:First Releases
Holder:Black Core Holder
Label/Signature:Charlie Duke Signed Label
Weight in Grams:31.1035 g
Weight in Ounces:1 oz
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