Home World Coins 2017 South Africa 1 Oz Silver Krugerrand Premium Uncirculated Coin NGC SP69 ER (Black Core Holder - Exclusive Krugerrand Label)

2017 South Africa 1 oz Silver Krugerrand Premium Uncirculated Coin NGC SP69 Early Releases (Black Core Holder - Exclusive Krugerrand Label)

2017 South Africa 1 oz Silver Krugerrand Premium Uncirculated Coin NGC SP69 ER (Black Core Holder - Exclusive Krugerrand Label)
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Why should you make this 2017 Silver Krugerrand yours today?

Over the past 50 years, countless assortments of coins have been created and discontinued. Even within a single series, designs can change and details can be added or erased. It's extremely rare to have a coin's appearance remain practically untouched for over five decades! Not only has the iconic South African Krugerrand stayed true to its design since 1967, it has only been minted in one precious metal for that entire time -- gold. It's a consistency that, while amazing, is due for a phenomenal change.

To celebrate 50 years of the South African Krugerrand, the South African Mint, in partnership with ModernCoinMart (MCM), is introducing the very first Silver Krugerrand! Collectors and stackers around the world have been awaiting the arrival of this coin since it was announced in 2016. Now, you can make this amazing debut a part of your collection with distinctions that are extremely limited - and ones you can't find anywhere else but MCM!

Technology goes back in time - to the future!

The design of the Krugerrand is so familiar, many know it by heart. The pensive portrait of Paul Kruger, former President of Zar, now the Transvaal Province of South Africa, from 1883-1902, graces one side. This reminder of where the first half of the name Krugerrand comes from is surrounded by engravings in both Afrikaans ("SUID-AFRIKA") and English ("SOUTH AFRICA"). Go to the coin's reverse, and you'll be met by a nimble Springbok Antelope along with the inscriptions of “KRUGERRAND,” “2017,” and “FYNSILWER 1 OZ FINE SILVER R1.”

Your 2017 Silver Krugerrand will also feature these same designs, but in a degree of definition you have never seen before! The South African Mint has employed the latest in technology to scan the original 1967 Krugerrand designs, replicating them with precision using state-of-the-art laser etching techniques. It all comes together in a stunning final result that provides a level of intricate detail that brings new life to this familiar design!

Attention to detail deserving of a major numismatic event!

From the beginning, we knew that the South African Mint was going to do everything possible to ensure this premier release of South African legal tender Silver Krugerrands would exceed the expectations of collectors. Because of their attention to detail and high levels of quality control, only a very limited amount of 2017 Silver Krugerrands left the Mint in time to receive the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation’s (NGC) Early Releases designation. Your coin was able to receive the classification, due to arriving at NGC within 30 days of its initial issue, meaning it is only a small portion of an already limited mintage!

When this assortment of 2017 Silver Krugerrands was sent directly to NGC, their coin experts performed comprehensive inspections of each coin, awarding several the grade of Specimen 69. This provides independent, documented assurance that your almost-flawless coin is of phenomenally high quality - a fact also reflected on your coin's MCM-exclusive Krugerrand label, sonically sealed in an acrylic black core holder, along with your newly-prized Silver Krugerrand. It's a monumental release, and it's within your reach!

The time is now to make this debut the centerpiece of your collection! Fortunately, you're at the website of the EXCLUSIVE North American distributor of 2017 Silver Krugerrands. Don't wait another moment - add this SP69 Early Release Silver Krugerrand with black core holder to your cart today!

Year of Issue:2017
Mint:South African Mint
Grading Service:NGC
Release Type:Early Releases
Finish:Premium Uncirculated
Holder:Black Core Holder
Label/Signature:Exclusive Krugerrand Label
Display Weight:1 oz
Weight in Grams:31.1032 g
Weight in Ounces:1 oz
Diameter:38.7 mm
Country:South Africa
Legal Tender:South Africa
Infographic: Details of the First-Ever Legal Tender Silver Krugerrand
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