Home World Coins 2016 Niue Star Wars Classic - Darth Vader 1 Oz Silver Proof $2 NGC PR70 FR (Exclusive Star Wars Label)

2016 Niue Star Wars Classic - Darth Vader 1 oz Silver Proof $2 NGC PR70 First Releases (Exclusive Star Wars Label)

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2016 Niue Star Wars Classic - Darth Vader 1 oz Silver Proof $2 NGC PR70 FR (Exclusive Star Wars Label)

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Why purchase the 2016 Niue Silver Darth Vader Coin Graded as PF70 UC?

This 1 oz. Proof Silver coin features a stunning image of the Dark Lord himself! He is seen striding towards the viewer at his cold, steady pace, his cape flowing. On either side of him are storm troopers from his personal legion - the 501st. Individual buttons on the dark Lord’s suit control panel can be clearly seen, showing the extreme detail that was used to create this design. The coin is legal tender of Niue, with a denomination of $2.

NGC was responsible for grading this coin. Their experts examined it under magnification, to observe even the finest details of this coin. After such an observation, they determined these coins to be a grade of Proof 70 Ultra Cameo. This is the highest grade a coin can receive. Ultra Cameo is often abbreviated to “UC,” and means that the contrast between the frosted and mirrored portions of the coin is so extreme, that it appears nearly black and white under certain lighting. This coin received an MCM exclusive Star Wars label! Purchase your issue today, before it is sold out!

Year of Issue:2016
Mint:New Zealand Mint
Grading Service:NGC
Release Type:First Releases
Label/Signature:Exclusive Star Wars Label
Display Weight:1 oz
Weight in Grams:31.1032 g
Weight in Ounces:1 oz
Legal Tender:Niue