Home World Coins 2015-P Tuvalu Star Trek - Spock 1 Oz Silver Colorized Proof $1 NGC PF69 UC ER

2015-P Tuvalu Star Trek - Spock 1 oz Silver Colorized Proof $1 NGC PF69 UC Early Releases

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2015-P Tuvalu Star Trek - Spock 1 oz Silver Colorized Proof $1 NGC PF69 UC ER

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Tuvalu Science Fiction Series Spock Proof Silver Coin

This coin celebrates the Science fiction series of Star Trek and the numerous accomplishments of this one-time Starfleet Enterprise’s right-hand-man to Captain Kirk. It has been struck in .999 fine silver by the Perth Mint under the authority of the Tuvalu government in a $1 denomination coin. The strike is a proof strike which means the fields have a mirror like finish and the actual strength of the stamping machine is three times that of a business strike coin – so the images are much more clear and defined. Proof coins are generally only made for collectors and this one is no exception to that rule.

The original Star Trek series featured several iconic cast members and Spock one was on the most notable of all. Half Vulcan and half Human – he was the son of Vulcan Sarek and Amanda Grayson, a human teacher. Spock first served as a Starfleet officer and then went on to be a Federation Ambassador after several decades. He was, of course, most known by his absolute reliance on pure logic to control his every move. He was instrumental in easing the tensions between the federation and the Klingon Empire and later in life went on to be an ambassador to the Romulan Star Empire.

This coin has sold out at the Perth Mint and there will be no more produced. It has been graded by NGC to exhibit the near perfect grade of PF69 as well as being verified as one of the coins produced within the first 30 days of production.

The Design of the 1 oz. .999 Fine Silver Spock Coin

Mr. Spock is featured on the reverse of this fabulous proof silver coin while displaying the iconic hand signal for the Vulcan Salute and wearing the classic Spock Starfleet uniform. The inscriptions on this side of the coin are: “SPOCK,” 1 oz. .999 SILVER,” “TM & 2015 CBS. ARR,” along with several designs images from the series.

The Obverse of this proof coin has the traditional image of the Queen Elizabeth II of England as created by Mint artist Ian Rank-Broadley. The inscriptions include: “QUEEN ELIZABETH II,” 1 DOLLAR TUVALU 2015,” as well as Ian’s initials underneath the busts design. The fields are mirror finish and it really makes the Queen’s image pop out. The edge of the coin is reeded for durability and style.

Why should you buy this Colorized silver proof coin from the Perth Mint?

As mentioned before – this coin is sold out and will never be made again. The number of available proof coins in this venue vanish a little more each day and when they are gone – they're gone. Science fiction coin collectors value this kind of collectible and keep them for years until they become even harder to find and much more valuable. Another reason to buy this coin is that it is .999 fine silver and has been encapsulated to preserve its true color and fineness. Get your's today before it is too late. Each coin will come with the original government packaging.

Year of Issue:2015
Mint:Perth Mint
Grading Service:NGC
Release Type:Early Releases
Finish:Colorized Proof
Display Weight:1 oz
Weight in Grams:31.1032 g
Weight in Ounces:1 oz
Diameter:40.6 mm
Legal Tender:Tuvalu