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2012 Canada $5 1 oz. Silver Moose - Roll of 25 Coins

2012 Canada $5 1 oz. Silver Moose - Roll of 25 Coins - GEM BU
Image 1:2012 Canada $5 1 oz. Silver Moose - Roll of 25 Coins - GEM BU Image 2:2012 Canada $5 1 oz. Silver Moose - Roll of 25 Coins - GEM BU

25-Coin Roll of 2012 Canada 1 oz .9999 Fine Silver $5 Moose in the Original Royal Canadian Mint Tube

The 2012 Canada Silver Moose was the fourth coin released in the Royal Canadian Mint’s Silver Wildlife Series. The coin bears the highest purity available for any government coin, .9999. Both sides of the coin feature beautiful images rendered in intricate detail. Given that this features Canada’s largest land mammal and represents the nation well by having inscriptions in two languages, the coin works as a stand-alone or as a part of several types of collections.

Design of the 2012 Canada Silver Moose

The obverse of this 2012 Canada Silver Moose features Susanna Blunt’s rendering of Canada’s head of state, whose name, “ELIZABETH II,” is inscribed at the top along the rim. The Queen has curly hair that is mostly combed back. It partially covers her ear, which bears an earring. Her shoulders are oriented to face just slightly to the right of the holder, but her head faces directly to the right of the coin. In addition to her earring, she also wears a pearl necklace. Susanna Blunt’s initials, “SB,” are inscribed on her right shoulder. Following the rim from the lower left to the lower right is an inscription that bears the face value and year of mintage of the coin, reading “5 DOLLARS 2012.”

The reverse features a large moose, rendered from slightly above the knees up. The moose’s face and body are oriented at an angle between the holder and the left edge of the coin. Its head is held level, and its large horns extend outward and upward. The left horn nearly touches the last letter of the inscription at the top of the coin, “CANADA.” The underbrush rises in the lower right, with the tallest of it just barely touching the moose’s belly. Under the animal’s head, two inscriptions, “9999” and “WW,” note the purity and designer, William Woodruff, respectively. The inscription along the bottom notes the metal content in English and French, Canada’s two official languages. That inscription reads, “FINE SILVER 1 OZ. ARGENT PUR.”

Why add this 25-Coin Roll of 2012 Canada 1 oz .9999 Silver Moose to your collection?

This 25-Coin Roll of 2012 Canada 1 oz .9999 Silver Moose features in a very popular series from one of the world’s most respected government sources, the Royal Canadian Mint. The purity of the silver renders these already beautiful coins even more exceptional. These coins measure 38 mm in diameter and weigh 3.29 mm, providing collectors with both heft and a design that is large enough to be admired easily. Containing 1 Troy oz. of silver, the Moose provides the ideal combination of intrinsic value and beauty that so many collectors seek. This roll would be a great addition to any stack, but it would be especially well suited for collections of Canadian coins or those that focus on animals, especially those in the Wildlife Series.

Year of Issue:2012
Weight in Grams:31.1 g
Weight in Ounces:1 oz
Grade:GEM BU
Finish:Mint State
Mint:Royal Canadian Mint
Dimensions:38 mm
IN STOCK: Ready for Immediate Shipment.

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