Home Gold 2010-W $50 1 Oz. Proof Gold Buffalo - NGC PF70 UC (Buffalo Label)

2010-W $50 1 oz. Proof Gold Buffalo
NGC PF70 UC (Buffalo Label)

2010-W $50 1 oz. Proof Gold Buffalo - NGC PF70 UC (Buffalo Label)
Image 1:2010-W $50 1 oz. Proof Gold Buffalo - NGC PF70 UC (Buffalo Label) Image 2:2010-W $50 1 oz. Proof Gold Buffalo - NGC PF70 UC (Buffalo Label)

2010-W $50 Proof Gold Buffalo coin

This West Point minted 1 ounce .9999 fine Gold Buffalo belongs in a series that has become one of the more popular choices for gold buyers. Its relatively low mintage, high purity, and popular design stand out among the crowd.

The field areas of the design on these proof coins are unlike any other struck in the US. They are still very shiny, but are not flat like most other proof coins, making them a unique choice. This design departure pays homage to the rough and rugged nature of the features of the coin - an indian chief and a buffalo. The native American appearance to the design was originally a part of the renaissance of American coinage brought on by President Theodore Roosevelt beginning in 1907.

Proof Buffalo Gold Design and history

The design of this coin is closely modeled from a 1913 design by James Earle Fraser for the Buffalo nickel. Fraser chose the subjects he did for the nickel as a part of the renaissance of American coinage in which President Roosevelt decided he wanted to see a change to America's coinage with designs that are 'distinctly American.' His suggestion of naive American themes led to this design.

The obverse is a right-facing portrait of an indian rumored to have been a composite study of three different models, but this rumor could never be substantiated with any facts. There are three feathers draped over the back of the indian's head behind a braid which falls onto his shoulder. The year date appears on the shoulder, and the word LIBERTY appears in the field to the upper right of the bust.

The reverse design of this coin is modeled from the first of two designs used on the 913 Buffalo nickel. In the first design a left-facing buffalo stands atop a mound of rocky Earth and the inscriptions in that part of the design - originally the denomination - are the fineness and denomination of the coin. The original nickel design had to be changed because the denomination was one of the highest raised parts of the design which would wear off the coin quickly. The design was changed to lower the ground relief in that area and place the denomination at field level protected by surrounding raised areas.

Proof Buffalo Gold coins are very popular, attractive, and contain 24 karat pure gold - a distinction that few coins around the world have. This alone is a very enticing reason to buy these coins, but the low mintage and high demand makes them among the most attractive gold coins sold - get yours today with free domestic shipping!

Year of Issue:2010
Weight in Grams:31.1 g
Weight in Ounces:1 oz
Grading Service:NGC
Grade:PF70 UC
Country:United States
Mint:West Point
Dimensions:32.7 mm
IN STOCK: Ready for Immediate Shipment.

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