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Coming Soon: Silver Presidential Medal featuring John Quincy Adams

John Quincy Adams was the Sixth President of the United States and son of the Second President, John Adams. He served as Secretary of State, U.S. Senator from Massachusetts, U.S. Representative from that state and as United States Minister to the United Kingdom, Prussia, the Netherlands and Russia.

The list of his presidential accomplishments is short. He proposed ambitious programs for infrastructure and education most of which were left undone. The Erie Canal was completed during his Presidency which increased trade between the upper Midwest and the East Coast. He was a bitter rival of Andrew Jackson. Jackson and his supporters limited what Adams was able to do as President and limited John Quincy Adams’ Presidency to a single term. He was an Abolitionist and earned the nickname “Old Man Eloquent” when he served in the House of Representatives after his time as President. In 1841 he argued for the freedom of the slaves on the ship Amistad before the U.S. Supreme Court and won.

He is remembered for being an unusual President. He was likely the most physically fit man to ever occupy the White House as he walked three miles per day and often swam in the Potomac River where he nearly drowned. He was also gifted a pet alligator from General Lafayette, the French General who commanded American troops and fought alongside the Continental Army in the War for Independence.

 The John Quincy Adams Medal

The John Quincy Adams Medal

The obverse of the medal features the portrait of John Quincy Adams with the inscriptions “JOHN QUINCY ADAMS,” “PRESIDENT OF THE U.S.,” and “A.D. 1825.” The reverse design of the Presidential Silver Medal series is a shared one over the entire series. It depicts two hands grasped in a handshake beneath the crossed Native American Peace Pipe and Tomahawk. The hands represent the United States government and the Native American Nations. The inscription reads “PEACE AND FRIENDSHIP.” The medals are struck according to orders on 1 oz. .999 pure silver planchets measuring 1.6 inches.

Presidential Medal Background

United States Presidents have used their medals for diplomatic purposes with not only Native Americans but also with other nations. When signing treaties and at other diplomatic functions them medals were used as gifts and to create and foster solid relationships. Use of Presidential Medals in this fashion has roots in the Colonial period. The medals were used to solidify good relations with other nations. The original medals were contracted out to employees of the Mint. They used Mint machinery after hours for this historic diplomatic item. The Presidential Medal series was first struck in silver in 2018.

Order your John Quincy Adams Silver Presidential Medal from ModernCoinMart today and remember the President who swam the Potomac and had a pet alligator in the White House! What a conversation starter!

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