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1992-S United States Clad Proof Set
GEM Proof (Original Mint Packaging)

1992-S United States Clad Proof Set - GEM Proof (Original Mint Packaging)

1992-S US Mint Clad Proof Coin Set GEM Proof in Original Government Packaging

One of the most highly anticipated release each year from the United States Mint are their ever popular Proof Sets. These annual coin sets contain one of each commonly circulated coin from the year, but in a highly desirable proof quality. Proof coins are produced specifically with collectors in mind and are made by striking the blanks multiple times (twice or more) with special dies, which results in the coins having a beautiful mirror-like finish that really shines!

As outlined above, the term proof refers to the method that these coins are manufactured with and not to their condition. The coins are however uncirculated and placed directly into a clear plastic presentation case by the mint in order to preserve the condition of the coins for many years to come. The plastic case is then placed into a cardboard sleeve for further protection. The 1992 coin set utilizes a purple colored theme throughout its packaging. Your 1992-S US Mint Clad Proof Coin Set comes complete with this Original Government Packaging (OGP) ready for you to enjoy.

The coins included in this set are clad coins (as opposed to sets that contain silver coins that are also released most years by the U.S. Mint). Clad coins are made up of various metals, most commonly with a core made of copper and then outer layers containing nickel-copper alloy, zinc, manganese, nickel or other types of metals. They are the same composition as circulating coins from the mint.

1992 United States Mint Proof Set

All of the coins in this 1992 United States Mint Proof Set include an “S” mint mark, indicating their production at the San Francisco Mint location of the U.S. Mint. They also all have the year “1992,” “LIBERTY,” and “IN GOD WE TRUST” inscribed on their obverses (front of the coin).

The reverse of each of the coins include the inscriptions “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” and “E PLURIBUS UNUM,” as well as the coin's face value (indicated in parentheses below).

Coins included in your 1992 U.S. Mint Proof Set are one each of:
Abraham Lincoln Cent Coin (“ONE CENT”)
Thomas Jefferson Nickel Coin (“FIVE CENTS”)
Franklin D. Roosevelt Dime Coin (“ONE DIME”)
George Washington Quarter Dollar Coin (“QUARTER DOLLAR”)
John F. Kennedy Half Dollar Coin (“HALF DOLLAR”)

Reverse designs on the coins are:
Cent – Lincoln Memorial building
Nickel – Monticello building
Dime – an olive branch, a torch and an oak branch.
Quarter – an eagle and olive branches
Half Dollar – a shield and an eagle grasping an olive branch and arrows

Add to your U.S. Mint Proof Set collection with the 1992-S Clad Proof Set

Proof Sets of coins from the United States Mint make great gifts and are often the cornerstone of numismatic coin collections. Collecting the proof sets from each year is a great way to build your collection – pick up the 1992 U.S. Mint Proof Set today.

Year of Issue:1992
Grade:GEM Proof
Country:United States
Mint:San Francisco
IN STOCK: Ready for Immediate Shipment.

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