1983-S United States Proof Set | GEM Proof (Original Mint Packaging)

1983-S United States Proof Set | GEM Proof (Original Mint Packaging)

Another year which there were no mint sets made, only this set

PLEASE NOTE: When buying US Mint proof & mint sets it is important to know that these sets are not in pristine condition. Due to the natural reactions that occur on metal objects over time, discoloration, haze and toning are common and should be expected; even when stored in the best storage locations. Nearly all of these sets have had multiple owners, either in collections or passed around as gifts. Wear on the packaging is normal and is to be expected.

Specifications for this 1983-S United States Proof Set

Year of Issue: 1983
Grade: GEM Proof
Finish: Proof
Country: United States
Mint: San Francisco
Denomination: Mixed
Currency: Dollar
Dimensions: Varies
Mintage: 3138800

PLEASE NOTE: This US Mint product was not purchased by us directly from the mint but from collectors like you and other dealers. We make every effort to make sure the packaging is acceptable and that the coins are problem free. You may, however, receive coins that have toning or haze. This occurs naturally over time and is common to see. There may be some imperfections in packaging due to the sets leaving one collection to go into another. Please keep this in mind when examining your sets.