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1927-D Silver Peace Dollar XF

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1927-D Silver Peace Dollar XF

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Why add this 1927-D Silver Peace Dollar to your collection?

The U.S. Mint's Peace Dollar series was released from 1921-1935, its design honoring the restoration of peacetime following World War I. This Peace Dollar is struck 0.7734 Troy oz. of .900 fine silver, representing one of the 1,268,900 produced by the Denver Mint in 1927. Of the twenty-four date/Mint mark combinations issued in the complete Peace Dollar series, only five of those include the "D" Mint mark.

Dramatic Symbols of Liberty and Peace by Italian-American sculptor Anthony de Francisci

The obverse features Lady Liberty wearing an exquisite thin-spiked radiate crown, her hair bound in a knot behind, with loose tresses flowing away from her face. Inscriptions include "LIBERTY," "IN GOD WE TRUST" and "1927."

A bald eagle is depicted on the reverse gripping an olive branch in its talons, while standing on a boulder looking towards the rising sun's rays. Inscriptions include "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA," "E PLURIBUS UNUM" and "ONE DOLLAR," with Denver's "D" Mint mark located above the eagle's tail feathers and "PEACE" upon the boulder.

Extremely Fine Silver Dollar

This 1927-D Silver Peace Dollar is ungraded, considered to be in Extremely Fine (XF) condition. Light wear due to circulation is evident on the highest points of the coin, with trace amounts of original Mint luster remaining. All lettering and design elements of the coin are complete and clearly struck.

This beautiful example of American coinage history belongs in your collection! Purchase the Extremely Fine 1927-D Silver Peace Dollar from MCM today!

Year of Issue:1927
Mint:U.S. Mint
Mint Mark:D
Grading Service:Uncertified
Weight in Grams:24.055 g
Weight in Ounces:0.7734 oz
Diameter:38.1 mm
Country:United States
Legal Tender:United States
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