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1921 Morgan Silver Dollar

1921 Morgan Silver Dollar - Cull
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1921 Morgan Silver Dollar $1 – Cull

The 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar is a unique piece in that it comes from the only year the coin was minted after 1904. These coins are culls, which means that they are not in prime condition. Even so, their design and mint marks remain clearly visible, and the coins are without holes.

Design of the 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar

George T. Morgan, the designer from whom the coin gets its name, created his design by using Anna Willess Williams as a model for Lady Liberty. That portrayal was a major departure from the Greek-style that had been used in previous depictions of her. Lady Liberty is portrayed with her face to the left of the coin. A ribbon on her head has her name, “LIBERTY,” inscribed on it, and behind that ribbon is a Phrygian cap. Her long, curly hair drops beyond her neck in the lower right. The space left by the diagonal truncation of the neck left room for the inscription of the year, “1921,” at the bottom. Seven stars rise from the year on the left and six rise on the right, representing the first thirteen states. “IN GOD WE TRUST,” the national motto, takes up the rest of the space on the rim.

On the reverse is an eagle that is mostly encircled by a laurel wreath. The eagle bears an olive branch in one talon and arrows in the other, symbols of America’s preference for peace and willingness to fight for her values. The eagle’s wings stretch upward and outward, nearly touching the edge, which is reeded. Between those wings and over the bird’s head are the words “IN GOD WE TRUST.” Two inscriptions, the face value, “ONE DOLLAR,” at the bottom and the country of issue, “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA,” around the rest adorn the rim.

Why add this 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar Cull to your collection?

This 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar Cull is a great piece for collectors who want to pick up the most recognized dollar coin in American history without paying the hefty premium associated with coins that are in better condition. With a .900 purity, the coin is regarded as constitutional silver. At the time of mintage, the coin weighed 26.73 g and contained .7734 Troy oz. of silver, though the wear may result in coins weighing slightly less and, therefore, having slightly less silver.

Year of Issue:1921
Weight in Grams:26.73 g
Finish:Mint State
Country:United States
Mint:US Mint
Dimensions:38.1 mm
IN STOCK: Ready for Immediate Shipment.

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