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1915 Austria Gold 4 Ducat

1915 Austria Gold 4 Ducat - GEM BU
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1915 Austria 4 Ducat .4429 oz. (AGW) 14 gram Gold Coin

These 1915 Austria 4 Ducat gold coins, which contain .4429 ounces of gold, are official restrikes from the Austrian Mint.

These coins were originally produced for trade between the Austro-Hungarian Empire and its trading partners from 1867 until 1914. Coins dated up until 1914 have numismatic value over their gold value, whereas those which carry the date of 1915 are official restrikes that were produced more recently and which trade at very close to their gold value. They carry a gorgeous, ornate design that features a right-facing profile or bust of the Emperor Franz Joseph I on the obverse with a legend written in Latin, and the iconic coat of arms of the Austro-Hungarian Empire with a double-headed eagle on the reverse.

Even though they weigh less than half an ounce of gold, these coins have large diameters. At 40 millimeters, they are bigger than a U.S. silver dollar. That is because they are very thin with a thickness of just .7 millimeters.

In addition, being restrikes from the world renowned Austrian Mint they are made to the highest quality standards and are typically seen with very reflective proof-like surfaces. This really brings out the beauty of the classic design of these coins.

They are frequently bought for their low premium over gold value, and they are also prized as collectibles because of their attractive, ornate design. They are also a perennial favorite for use in necklaces and other jewelry.

If you want a gold coin that is very affordable and has a superb classic design, these coins are a great choice.

Year of Issue:1915
Weight in Grams:13.7 g
Weight in Ounces:1/2 oz
Grading Service:Uncertified
Grade:GEM BU
Finish:Mint State
Mint:Austria Mint
Dimensions:40 mm
IN STOCK: Ready for Immediate Shipment.

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