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1903 Morgan Silver Dollar

1903 Morgan Silver Dollar - XF
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1903 Morgan Silver Dollar - XF

The 19093 Morgan Silver Dollar comes at the end of an era. The Morgan Silver Dollar as a series started in 1878, and was discontinued after 1904. The one year after that where Morgan Silver Dollars were minted - 1921 - was in response to a law that required a large number of coins to be minted, and the new Peace Silver Dollar design was not yet ready to be made into coins. If the Peace Dollar design had been ready, there would have been no 1921 Morgan dollars.

Coming at the end of the era, the 1903 Morgan Silver Dollar is one of the last of its kind. This shows somewhat in the mintage of 1903 Philadelphia Silver Dollars in that there are half the number of these coins as in recent years past. Coins are still very affordable in circulated grades, and as with most other Morgan Silver Dollars the values escalate quickly in higher grades.

XF 1903 Morgan Silver Dollar

The XF grade - also abbreviated as "EF" means that the coin has light wear from circulation that has flattened the highest relief portions of the design. All of the major features are intact, however, and this grade often represents the point at which the most amount of original detail can be purchased for the lowest price. The XF grade is properly called "extremely fine" although a number of people use "extra fine" in collecting this grade as well.

Year of Issue:1903
Weight in Grams:26.73 g
Finish:Mint State
Country:United States
Dimensions:38.1 mm
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