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1897-1949 Switzerland 20 Franc .1867AGW
Gold Swiss Helvetia

1897-1949 Switzerland 20 Franc .1867AGW   - Gold Swiss Helvetia
Image 1:1897-1949 Switzerland 20 Franc .1867AGW   - Gold Swiss Helvetia Image 2:1897-1949 Switzerland 20 Franc .1867AGW   - Gold Swiss Helvetia Image 3:1897-1949 Switzerland 20 Franc .1867AGW   - Gold Swiss Helvetia

Swiss Helvetia Gold Coins

The Helvetia series of gold coins was brought about by an act passed in 1896. This series was produced from 1897 to 1936, as well as in 1947 and 1949. While the Helvetia series consisted of several denominations for a number of years, they all displayed the Swiss equivalent of our Lady Liberty.

The 20 Francs denomination had the highest mintage figures of coins in this series and their simple yet elegant design and widespread recognition have made them a favorite among bullion investors. The fact that these coins are Swiss surely counts for something as well, given the general high opinion of Swiss coins and bullion.

.1867 Troy oz. AGW

The actual gold weight (AGW) of each of these coins is .1867 Troy oz. These coins are .900 fine gold, similar to other circulating gold coins of the time. Unlike modern government issued bullion coins which all have a very high fineness, it was seen as advantageous to mix the gold to lower the fineness of circulating coins; this produced coins that were more resistant to wear and damage.

Brilliant Uncirculated Condition

Often the Swiss 20 Franc Helvetia gold pieces are sold to bullion investors in almost uncirculated (AU) condition; coins that are in AU condition have been circulated and do show signs of wear. The first signs of wear can be seen on the highest points of the design.

However, these coins are in brilliant uncirculated (BU) condition. These coins have not been circulated and are in pristine condition; all aspects of the design are fully present and can be seen clearly.

Swiss Helvetia 20 Francs Design

The front of the Swiss Helvetia gold coins shows a woman in front of a cluster of mountains seen in the background. This woman with the braided hair is a female representation of the country of Switzerland, like Liberty is for the United States. This coin is finely detailed, the lines of the woman’s hair and the intricate profiles of the flowers on her clothes are immediately apparent. This side of the 20 Francs coin is inscribed with the word Helvetia.

The reverse side of the 20 Francs Helvetia is highly detailed as well. This side displays a shield with a cross; the shield is surrounded by an arrangement of oak branches. The fine lines of the oak leaves and branches can be seen clearly. The mint mark is also located on the reverse. This side is inscribed with 20 and FR as well as the year the coin was struck. The year you receive will be random, but the condition will be BU.

This random year 20 Francs Swiss Helvetia gold coin is a great way to add a little more gold to your collection while adding beauty and a coin that is sure to be recognized among both collectors and investors.

Year of Issue:1897
Weight in Grams:6.45 g
Weight in Ounces:1/4 oz
Grading Service:Uncertified
Finish:Mint State
Dimensions:21 mm
IN STOCK: Ready for Immediate Shipment.

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