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1892 Morgan Silver Dollar

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1892 Morgan Silver Dollar - VF
Image 1:1892 Morgan Silver Dollar - VF Image 2:1892 Morgan Silver Dollar - VF

Why order this Silver 1892 Morgan Dollar?

This 1892 Silver Morgan Dollar provides you with the chance to own one of the most beloved coins in American history. This piece was struck from .900 fine silver at the Philadelphia Mint. It was one of 1,036,000 struck there that year. Its actual silver weight at the time of mintage was .7734 Troy oz.

Beautiful Liberty Design by George T. Morgan

The obverse design features a left-side profile of Liberty designed by George T. Morgan, who also designed the reverse. The American figure is a striking contrast to the Greek ones that had previously been used on American coinage. Her long, curly hair covers the back of her neck beneath the Phrygian cap that she wears atop her head. She also wears a ribbon that bears an inscription of her name, "LIBERTY," and a crown of cotton and wheat, a nod to the American agricultural industry.

Arching under the image on the reverse is a laurel wreath. Inside the wreath, an eagle holds arrows and an olive branch, which symbolize military preparedness and a preference for peace. The bird has its wings spread upward, and "IN GOD WE TRUST" is inscribed between them.

Beautiful Very Fine

This coin falls into the Very Fine category on the Sheldon Grading Scale. That means that the coin has some moderate wear on the high surface features, as well as other imperfections, such as contact marks and hairlines.

Add this Morgan 1892 Silver Dollar to your collection today!

Year of Issue:1892
Weight in Grams:26.73 g
Grading Service:Uncertified
Finish:Mint State
Country:United States
Dimensions:38.1 mm

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