Home World Coins 1875-A Germany Gold 20 Mark PCGS MS64 (Green Label)

1875-A Germany Gold 20 Mark PCGS MS64 (Green Label)

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1875-A Germany Gold 20 Mark PCGS MS64 (Green Label)

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Why add the Mint State 64 1875-A Germany/Prussia Gold 20 Mark to your collection?

This remarkable 1875-A Germany/Prussia Gold 20 Mark coin was graded Mint State 64 by the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS). This coin was struck at the Berlin Mint, known as the Staatliche Munzen Berlin, which was established in 1750. Each coin was struck in .900 fine gold on planchets containing .2305 oz. AGW.

Classic Europeans design

The obverse of the coin features the right-facing bust of Wilhelm I, the King of Prussia who first ruled over a united Germany. In 1871 he and Otto von Bismarck established the German Empire, which made Wilhelm I the first German Emperor. The reverse features the House of Hohenzollern (the Prussian Royal Family) Imperial Eagle. The grand nature of the coin's reverse cannot easily be stated with words. It is powerful and majestic. The edge of the coin has the German words "Gott Mit Uns" which translated into English is "God with us."

Remarkable grade for a coin approaching 150 years old!

Circulation strike Mint State 64 coins are sought by collectors who demand high-quality examples for their numismatic holdings. The grade is characterized by good strikes and few contact marks. There is no wear on the coin and still has abundant Mint luster and luminous, original surfaces.

Prussian coins are popular with collectors and availability sometimes tough. Order your 1875-A Germany/Prussia Gold 20 Mark graded Mint State 64 by PCGS from ModernCoinMart today!

Year of Issue:1875
Mint:German Mint
Mint Mark:A
Grading Service:PCGS
Finish:Mint State
Label/Signature:Green Label
Weight in Grams:7.96 g
Diameter:22 mm
Legal Tender:Germany