Home World Coins 1848-83 Vietnam KM-428 Sch-350.1 1/4L PCGS AU55

1848-83 Vietnam KM-428 Sch-350.1 1/4L PCGS AU55

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1848-83 Vietnam KM-428 Sch-350.1 1/4L PCGS AU55

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Why Buy This About Uncirculated 55 1848-1883 Vietnam 1/4L?

The coin shown here was issued by Vietnam. It was minted between 1848 and 1883, this coin does not have a date included in the design. Like a number of other classic Asian coins, this one has a hole in the center.

Detailed Scrolling Design

The design on the obverse depicts a number of creatures. Long trailing lines were used to create them, which creates a bit of a scrolling appearance. Various faces and shapes can be seen here.

The reverse features a simple design. A Vietnamese inscription can be seen here. The characters form a circle around the hole in the center of the coin.


The Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) was chosen to grade this coin. The experts there use a 70 point grading scale, 70 is the highest possible grade. This specimen was assigned the grade of About Uncirculated (AU) 55. That means that it has visible wear but all of the original details can still be seen clearly. Now it is protected by a permanently sealed slab. This holder will preserve the coin for many years to come.

Order while you have the chance, this PCGS AU55 1848-1883 Vietnam 1/4L could be a part of your collection.

Year of Issue:1848-83
Grading Service:PCGS