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1834 Classic Head $5 Gold Half Eagle Classic, Plain 4 ICG EF40

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1834 Classic Head $5 Gold Half Eagle Classic, Plain 4 ICG EF40

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Why buy this Plain 4 1834 Classic Head $5 Gold Half Eagle?

This 1834 Classic Head Half Eagle is perfect for students of monetary history. $5 coins stopped circulating because their melt value exceeded their face value. To ensure that they would be circulated, Congress shrunk the coins. In response, Gold Half Eagles began circulating freely right away. This coin comes from the first issue of the new size. It was struck from 8.36 g of .899 fine gold and was part of a mintage of 658,028 pieces.

Exquisite Liberty Design by William Kneass

William Kneass designed both faces of this coin. On the obverse he shows Liberty in left-side profile. Her long, tousled hair is held by by a headband that bears an inscription of her name, "LIBERTY." The effigy is encircled by thirteen stars, one for each of the original states, and the date, "1834."

On the reverse, an eagle spreads its wings while guarding a union shield. The bird clutches arrows, which represent America's willingness to defend her values, in one talon and an olive branch, which indicates a preference for peace, in the other. "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" and "5 D" (Five Dollars) are inscribed along the rim.

Well Preserved EF40

Independent Coin Graders (ICG) certified that this coin is in Extremely Fine 40 condition.That means that it retains complete details but has some minor wear on the high points.

Don't miss your chance to own this 1834 Plain 4 Classic Head $5 Gold Half Eagle.

Year of Issue:1834
Grading Service:ICG
Variety:Classic, Plain 4
Weight in Grams:8.36 g
Weight in Ounces:0.2688 oz
Country:United States
Legal Tender:United States