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177-192 Roman Empire, Silver Denarius of Commodus NGC Ch. XF

177-192 Roman Empire, Silver Denarius of Commodus NGC Ch. XF
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Why purchase this Silver Denarius of Roman Emperor Commodus?

The Roman Empire was ruled by Commodus from AD 177 until his assassination in AD 192. The death of Commodus marked the end of the peaceful and prosperous Nerva-Antonine dynasty, and the beginning of the chaotic period known as the Year of the Five Emperors. This silver denarius of Roman Emperor Commodus, struck AD 177-192 at the Rome Mint, measures 16.5-18 mm in diameter, weighing approximately 2.85 grams.

Portrait of the Emperor

The right facing laureate bust of Emperor Commodus adorns the obverse, framed by the legend "L AEL AVREL COMM AVG P FEL."

A stunning, remarkably detailed depiction of Winged Victory advancing to the left is located on the reverse. The goddess of Victory carries a palm branch in her left hand, while her right hand reaches forward grasping a wreath within the inscription "P M TR P XVII IMP VIII COS VII P P." Star in left field.

Choice Extremely Fine by NGC

This Silver Denarius, struck AD 177-192 in the name of Roman Emperor Commodus, is graded Ch. XF, Choice Extremely Fine, by NGC Ancients, the ancient coin specialists at the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation. Having a Sheldon Scale equivalent of 45, this superbly struck coin features complete details with even wear evident on the highest surfaces. The coin is presented encapsulated in a labeled NGC holder, accompanied by an American Numismatic Association Certificate of Authenticity.

Make this Silver Denarius of Commodus the next addition to your collection of ancient coinage of the Roman Empire!

Year of Issue:177-192
Grading Service:NGC
Grade:Ch. XF