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1641 Germany Taler Augsburg DAV-5039 NGC VF25

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1641 Germany Taler Augsburg DAV-5039 NGC VF25

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Why add the 1641 Germany Taler Augsburg DAV-5039 NGC VF25 to your collection?

"What's the oldest coin in your collection?" is a question that we have all answered. Next time you answer the question you could say: "a 1641 Germany Taler Augsburg DAV-5039 graded Very Fine 25 by the experts at Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC)." Talers or Thalers are Central European coins that are widely collected. These historic silver coins are the predecessors of "Trade Dollars" and ultimately are cousins to coins like the Spanish 8 Reale and the U.S. Silver Dollar.

Holy Roman Emperor Ferdinand III reverse

The reverse image of the coin features the laureate armored bust of Ferdinand III. He is widely believed to be the final Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire to exercise any modicum of power over his domain. The obverse image is a view of the City of Augsburg. The skyline is divided by a large pine cone with a divided date below.

Very Fine 25

A coin in the Very Fine 25 grade on the Sheldon Grading Scale will have sharp lettering, legends and major design features. They will exhibit even wear that will range from light to moderate over the entire surface of the coin. Along with the grading that NGC did for this excellent example, the coin was also authenticated during the grading process.

Add some real history to your collection. Order this NGC graded 1641 Germany Taler Augsburg DAV-5039 coin in Very Fine 25 condition from ModernCoinMart today.

Year of Issue:1641
Mint:German Mint
Grading Service:NGC