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1300-1400 Austria Hall Silver Hand Heller NGC F12 Story Vault

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1300-1400 Austria Hall Silver Hand Heller NGC F12 Story Vault

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Why add this Silver Hand Heller struck in 1300-1400 Medieval Austria to your collection?

The Hand Heller was the silver penny of Medieval Europe, which was slowly debased over time to evolve into the copper "Pfenning" (penny). The coin is named for its depiction of a hand, which symbolized the Right Hand of God. Imagery of the coin was unusual at the time, lacking a figured representation of God, or any other figure such as a king or pope. The hand imagery became associated with bringing or holding good luck and blessings from God. This Austrian Hand Heller was struck at the Hall Mint with a diameter measuring 16-18 mm and a weight of 0.3-0.6 grams.

Imagery Symbolic of God's Blessing

The depiction of the Right Hand of God with the palm facing outward on the obverse represents the act of God offering a divine blessing. The reverse depicts an image also religious in theme, of a cross with equal length arms, with a pellet at the end of each.

NGC Authenticated Silver Hand Heller

Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) graded this Austria Silver Hand Heller struck 1300-1400 at the Hall Mint to be Fine (F) 12. Expect a coin of this grade to exhibit considerable, but even circulation wear across the surfaces, with some detail evident in deeply recessed areas. The coin is encapsulated in a labeled NGC protective holder.

This Austrian Silver Hand Heller belongs in your Medieval coin collection! Purchase this coin struck 1300-1400 from MCM today!

Year of Issue:1300-1400
Mint:Austrian Mint
Grading Service:NGC
Finish:Mint State
Legal Tender:Austria
Obverse Design:Hand of God
Reverse Design:Cross Within Diamond Border