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1250-1310 Greece, Billon Denier - Coin of the Crusades NGC XF45 Story Vault

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1250-1310 Greece, Billon Denier - Coin of the Crusades NGC XF45 Story Vault
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Why add this 1250-1310 Greece Billon Denier of the Crusades to your collection?

There were nine major Crusades that took place over the course of nearly four hundred years, from 1096 to 1487. The wars were fought between Christians and Muslims over control of the Holy Land. In order to pay the crusading Knights, a vast array of coinage was struck, commonly depicting a cross. Coins were typically struck from Billon, a metallic alloy which by the time of the Crusades was primarily bronze in content, with a light wash of silver. This Denier of the Crusades, struck in Greece, 1250-1310, weighs approximately 0.8 grams, measuring 18-22 mm in diameter.

Crusades Era Denier Imagery

The center of the obverse design features a cross pattee, the emblem commonly worn by the Crusaders. The image is framed by an inscription naming the ruling Duke and a circular border.

A stylized triple towered castle adorns the reverse, surrounded by an inscription naming the region of issue.

Graded Extremely Fine 45 by NGC

This Extremely Fine Greek Billon Denier is graded XF45 by Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC). The coin struck 1250-1310 and circulated during the time of the Crusades will exhibit complete details, with some of the highest features of the design worn flat. The certified coin is presented in a labeled NGC holder within a unique Story Vault package, paired with an information card containing a short narrative of the Crusades.

This Greek-minted coin of the Crusades belongs in your Medieval coin collection! Purchase today from MCM!

Year of Issue:1250-1310
Grading Service:NGC
Packaging:Story Vault
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